Weightless Belgium Waffles with Caramelized Pears

I guess I can write a cookbook and name it "10 000 Calories Breakfasts." You know I just love crazy decadent breakfast recipes. What can a girl do with such a passion? Just let herself go and cook Belgium Waffles with Caramelized Pears =) A few Christmases ago Santa got me a pretty cool waffle maker I wanted so bad. And I used it only once. I don't know why maybe I needed a powerful dose of inspiration or something. But this excellent piece of culinary equipment was waiting until this day to ... Continue Reading

Lemon Burrata and Poached Plums Crostini

With summer being so perfectly warm and sunny, we tend to use our spacious balcony to make dinners for our friends and neighbors pretty often. And this kind of meals requires new creative recipes from me. Yeah, there are a lot of foodies in our circle. And I try to please all of them =)  That's why for every dinner I create a whole new menu with at least 2 appetizers, salad, a couple of sides and a few dessert That's why for every dinner I create a whole new menu with at least 2 appetizers, a ... Continue Reading

4 Ingredients Apricot Sorbet

Apricot season is almost over. But we can make it last a little longer by making this amazing frozen treat. I adore quick and easy desserts, and this Apricot Sorbet is my perfect choice for summer dinner. It's incredibly simple and consists of only 4 ingredients. That's why you need to pick the best available fruits because all the flavor comes from them. Go to your local farmer's market and choose the ripest, freshest and most fragrant apricots you can find. It will make a huge difference!... Continue Reading

Souffle Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas

A person who said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day definitely knew what he was talking about. This meal can predetermine your whole day and change your mood for better. So choose your breakfast wisely! Personally, I'm crazy about all kinds of pancakes. I've already shared a few recipes with you: Breakfast Apple Pancake Pie and Goanese Banana Pancakes with Nutella. I love all of them, but these Souffle Pancakes are my absolutely favorite! Because they are much more ... Continue Reading

Chicken Bolognese

I absolutely love simple dinner recipes. It's very cool when you can cook something really good in just 40 minutes. Especially when it's a bowl of steamy pasta with some lovely sauce. If you're like me - this recipe is what you're looking for. This Chicken Bolognese is my lighter version of classic pasta. Not exactly traditional recipe, but it's very delicious and a bit healthier. Chunky rigatoni pasta is great for catching the lovely flavors of the hearty chicken sauce. Perfect dish for lazy ... Continue Reading

Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake

I rarely post someone else's recipe, but this cake is pure magic. I found the recipe in the wonderful cookbook "Baking Chez Moi" which I saw on my friend shelf. I grabbed my attention instantly. Written by Dorie Greenspan, a talented author, and an awesome baker, this book is full of passion for baking. It inspires and makes you want to bake every cookie and cake you see there. TIP: Try different type of oranges. Mix and match to find your favorite combination. As for this Orange cake, I ... Continue Reading

Absolutely Delicious Zucchini Fritters

There are so many dishes you can cook with zucchini, and today I want to share one of my favorite recipes. Zucchini fritters are one of the most popular dishes during zucchini season in Ukraine. My mom always cooked it for us, and now I cook it for my family and friends. It's absolutely delicious, simple, and healthy. What else could you wish for your summer table? These fritters are good for breakfast when served with plain yogurt. You can make them smaller and serve as an appetizer, or ... Continue Reading

Pina Colada Tarts

Easy peasy pineapple tarts have very tropical flavor, a perfect dish to set you in the right mood before your summer vacation. Continue Reading

Cottage Cheese with Baked Apricots

Guys. It's me again, and I'm bringing to you one of my new favorite breakfast recipes. Just in time for the apricot season! It's incredibly easy to make, and it's very delicious. This dish can also be a healthy dessert option for those who's trying to stay fit. Those who know me good enough will tell that I have terrible dessert addiction. My common sense tells me to stop eating sweets, but every cell of my body craves for them. That's the reason I'm constantly in a search for healthy ... Continue Reading