Yoya Takahashi is the executive chef at Umi by Hamasaku in El Segundo, CA. Besides his omakase menu, Chef Takahashi shows off his knife skills on his Instagram, where he shows his process of breaking down a 250-pound sustainable bluefin tuna. His sushi experience definitely comes in handy as Umi by Hamasaku goes through 250 pounds of fresh fish a week!

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  1. This is a re-up, do you honestly think i didn't know? Anyways, vegans say it's violence while pescatarians crave

  2. Hey I thought I already watch this omg. Ah this one for food insider and another one is stilly came from insider.. Ok I'm confuse for real.

  3. They don’t have anything that actually justifies the price so they just make some bullshit story about the chef and the way in which he cuts the fish so they can scam you

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