Barcelona! The Home of Gaudi & The Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, The Best Beach City in Europe, So Many Great Museums to See, Things to Do & Places to Eat. This video is on the things that tourists and travelers should not do when they come to Barcelona, Spain.
Filmed in Barcelona, Spain
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5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Barcelona

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Catalunya

Top 10 Sights to Visit in Barcelona

5 Things to Know Before You Visit Barcelona

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  1. The best place for a great breatfast is Granja Viader and the address is Carrer d'en Xuclà, 6Carrer d'en Xuclà, 6, 08001 Barcelona,Its off the rumblas but in this place almost nothing is in English but if you smile and take a little time you can have a great Catalan Breakfast where the locals go. I suggest you order coffee and somthing small to start than go through the menu with your translater and find the little gems on the menu . here is there web page aswell

  2. My experience was mostly negative there. Went for a study trip, wasn't my choice but the rest if the classes. The culture is very extraverted and I am not at all hah. I witnessed 2 pickpokecters but they were both unsuccessful. And yes the police there are as useful as a square wheel. Since I didn't like partying I didn't do much past 8 pm so I got very bored. And the restaurants were very overpriced. Also it has a large influence from the UK, too much if you ask me as it's a business attempt to make the British holiday makers happy but when I leave the UK for anything I don't want to see it anywhere lol. I did see the Cathedral, it was by far the best part, I got in easily so I got lucky I guess, and the building is by far one of the most precious buildings on earth. I hope others have a good time but for me I need a less extroverted place to visit!

  3. Pickpockets won't mess with me since I don't have anything except a flip phone in my front pocket, the equivalent of $11 in my shoe, and a cigarette lighter in my other shoe.

  4. Also if your staying in a Spanish house hold don’t expect to rest they will keep you on your feet. My boyfriend is Spanish so trust me I know

  5. Spain seems like the opposite of the rest of Western Europe in terms of daily schedule. The rest of Western Europe (except London and Paris perhaps) = early to rise, early to bed, everything closes by 7 PM including grocery stores and gas stations in my experience (McDonalds and bars are open until around 11 PM). Spain = early to rise, 2 hour afternoon siesta, late to bed, stuff is open late at night. Maybe some other big cities like Amsterdam or Munich have later closing hours, but when I was in places like Lille, France, western France, and Eindhoven, Netherlands it seemed like everything (and I mean everything except bars) shut down by 7 PM, which was inconvenient for me, but I know it's good for the employees. Even a lot of hotel reception desks close by 10 PM, which was really inconvenient for me when I got there slightly after 10 and couldn't check in! Admittedly, it was a 1 or 2 star hotel and most 3+ star hotels in Europe have 24 hour reception.

  6. just one correction, everybody calls mind street la rambla (singular), but both are correct, btw, just find out your channel, it's awesome, can't stop watching xD

  7. You can buy tickets for La Sagrada Familia online, that saves you time!! The thing about eating in the Ramblas is totally true…we locals never ever do that, just tourists go there! Also, yeah, be careful with the pick-pocketers…but well when I went to Paris they also stole from my dad so sadly, you never know! And yes, people do party until 6/8am… but then you can have breakfast (churros) and then go to sleep hahaha!! And we usually have lunch around 2pm and dinner around 9pm….so if you want to eat earlier or have brunch…you have to go to a restaurant that offers brunch specifically!! (Brunch & Cake, Floripa, etc). Cheers from Barcelona!!! 🙂

  8. If you are stuck for somewhere to eat in Barcelona during the morning (or at most other times), simply head to the main Sants railway station (metro Sants Estacio). There are plenty of places to eat on the station concourse. I had a problem with the food in Barceloona, and ate most of my meals at the station during my visit in November 2017. Keep an eagle eye on your bags at Sants station.


  10. Hi! I didn't grow up in Barcelona (BCN), I was born in the city, but we moved to a little town in the BCN province (I live in the mountain). Although, I've studied in BCN and I know the city really well. I have an advice for you all. Don't tell as catalans that we are spanish or refere BCN or Catalonia as Spain, most of us will not take it well. And if you want to know the real BCN, there's some places you would have to visit and study the history, for example: Fàbrica Can Batlló, Ateneu Popular Nou Barris, Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Mercat de les Flors, Hospital Sant Pau (the old one)… most of those aren't touristic places, but they are places that represents the real character from BCN. I used to live in Sant Andreu and I've studied in La Verneda, those aren't touristic neighborhoods, but they're are part from BCN too.

  11. Dude, you can not eat breakfast in Barcelona? Seriously? Have you not seen all the cafeterias, panaderias, granjas and bars serving food since early in the morning until lunch?

  12. it is not true about the breakfast..there are tons of awesome brunch places..they are vey hipsteresque and nice

  13. I've been to Barcelona about 16 times since 1994.
    I've been pickpocketed once, I've seen people being pickpocketed, I've seen people been arrested on the beach for pickpocketing (the beach crowd applauded!), I've seen an elderly man been arrested inside an internet café for trying to steal a bag, I've seen three gypsie women trying to pickpocket a woman on the subway (they saw me and retreated), etc.
    But in the few last years I haven't seen anything bad happening! Hope it's getting better. I'll be returning for the 17th time this summer.

    PS. Try going to the beach at sunrise!

  14. PUERTO RICO, only 100 miles by 35 miles SMALL, has all the BEAUTIFULL NATURAL RESOURCES AND COMMODITIES that other countries have. But there is a catch: you can TRAVEL IN MINUTES (NOT HOURS) FROM BEAUTIFUL, PEACEFUL, EXCITING SPOTS TO ANOTHER. For instance: from a lay-back "Parador" at a cool mountain range, like in Jayuya, to an exciting beach on the warm coastline of Dorado; you can drive, in a few minutes (not one or two hours), from a captivating rain forest water fall, like Coca Fall in El Yunque, Rio Grande, to a full-of-adrenaline surfing beach, like La Pared in Luquillo; you can transport quickly from a dry forest reserve on top of a mountain over-looking the Caribbean Sea, in Guanica, to a wonderful smelling coffee plantation in the soft greenish hills of Yauco; you can go, in only several minutes (not even 15 minutes) from a thousands-of-years old indigenous ceremonial park, like Caguana in Utuado, to a 370+ years-old full of Spanish architecture town, like Ponce; from a freezing body of water, Dona Juana's Puddle, in Villalba, to a natural thermal water inn in Coamo. And so on and so on and so on … You will want to come back to see the rest while SAVING TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY.

  15. Can anyone tell me the best luggage to buy for a Barcelona Trip in August? and If I should have any luggage locks?

  16. LOL my partner and I were utterly dismayed to find bars closing at 11pm on a weekend in L’Eixample and utterly empty streets at 1 am! We’re Canadian and accustomed to 2 am last calls, with some bars in Montreal staying open until 5 or 6!

  17. Barcelona is hands down the pick pocket capital of the world.
    A beautiful city, but It`s a city of brazen thieves. That`s a fact!
    If anyone goes to Barcelona, they will encounter thieves.

  18. I got used to getting free stuff in restaurants like garlic bread or a glass of water, before they bring your order, but I never expected to be charged for something I didn't order xD We got olives and bread, so naturally I took a bite and then I had to pay 2e extra for it… sure it's not a lot, but it surprised me and I decided to never go back to the same restaurant ;/ I just felt tricked into paying more ;/ – This actually happened in Malaga, not Barcelona.

  19. I was almost pickpocketed in Barcelona, I took woman's hand out of my purse, but anyway she wouldn't get a lot – I didn't carry much cash

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