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300g Cod Loin
300g Smoked Cod Loin
180g of Peeled Prawns (or to be honest as many as you like ha!)
1 peeled whole Onion
2/3 oz of your favourite Cheese (I used Cheddar)
Bunch of Fresh Parsley
2 Tbsp of Cream (optional it’s just to add ot the creaminess of your mashed potato)
6 medium Potatoes
Pinch of White Pepper and Salt to add to your poaching milk.

To Make the Rue for your sauce :

1Pint of Milk (which the fish is poached in)
2oz of Plain Flour & 2/3 oz of butter
You may need ot add an extra Pinch of salt and white pepper but taste first before adding.

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  1. This looks tasty! When I make fish pie I use dill in the sauce and I put Philadelphia cream cheese in the mashed potatoes, I also add chives to the mash.

  2. looks lovely- I have subscribed to your channel to boost your sub count- help you reach that magical 1000! (357 now)- Can I ask you do the same for me. Thank you and I wish you all the success with your channel

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