Leave your instant noodles in the packet because our resident chef’s, Ben and James, are gonna show you two super tasty, warming ramen recipes for the cold winter months!

Get a recipe for an awesome ramen bowl:

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  1. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your guys' hard work. This season of Fridgecam was a new take on the show. It has been working out beautifully. You guys look tired from producing amazing content for us. Have an amazing holiday and get some much needed rest 🙂

  2. Adored this challenge! You guys all did a great job! Can’t wait to see next season’s challenges! Also pass me a bowl of that!

  3. This was so amazing to watch! I have to admit I was partial to Ben's ramen because of the pork broth, and how meticulous he was in draining off the first stock to produce a clearer/better stock. But by the end of it was clear to me that both the ramens would end up being fantastic. As a huge pork fan, I can easily see myself ordering James' chicken ramen if I am not very hungry, or if I wanted something fresh and light and not so intense as an eight hour broth. By the way, super kicked to see that Ben's method of making the stock is very, very close to the method we ended up going with for our pork soup recipe.

  4. That was so hardcore and so utterly worth it to watch … Ben's tonkotsu was amazing, but my vote went for James's slightly lighter chicken take on it.

  5. The chicken skin reminds me of gribbenes. It's an ashkenazi Jewish dish made with chicken skin fried in schmaltz (chicken fat) with garlic and onion

  6. Omg,,,i swear James studied Japanese ramen so hard,,,
    He made that garlic oil called maa yu,,,i bet both ramens are delicious tho.

  7. I feel like from here, the only thing James had going for him was the chicken skin and garlic oil. Otherwise Ben seemingly had a much better ramen dish because pork is so much more flavourful. I mean. Chicken. Really?

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