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Two men in Germany were out exploring the fields when they found two pipes sticking up from the ground in the middle of nowhere. What they discovered is nothing short of amazing.

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  1. How DID they get StePHEN HAWkins to narrate THIS viDEO? It sounds raTHER RObotic … tic … tic … but THAT is oKAY WITH me, I suppose.

  2. Old WW II german nazi bunker converted by the occupying soviet troops to become an east german Stasi underground complex during the Cold War!

  3. When I was in the Army in Germany in 1979 thru 1981, these NAZI made caves were us by the US military for Army exercises (pretend war). They were very cold and damp. I was in military intelligence and we had desks, teletypes, etc, and generators installed.

  4. Looks like they are not the first to find it, look at all the graffiti on it…
    No big deal..
    Wasted click.

  5. First they said "in the middle of no where" and then they called it "urban exploration"…
    Which is it?
    I want my money back.

  6. I would not go in there without flash light with extra battery, and a loaded handgun with a few spare magazines. Also would be good to leave some one outside to guard the entrance.

  7. BULLSHIT! ! It's an old bunker from World War II there's thousands of them all over and I'm sure every kid and the neighborhood has played in there at one time or the other. Stick the robot voice up your ass too

  8. A very ordinary video. I only watched it because it had so many views, I thought it must be something special. It wasn't.

  9. A few years ago i found a 30+ minutes video here made by the guys who got in there and took the pictures you see here.i been trying to find it again but no luck at all.anybody else have seen that video?i think the title was in german

  10. im sorry but theres lots more interesting channels with more info and a idea of what they are saying dont take this as hate take this as advice or steps to make a better Channel or become better.

  11. SCARY SH**, well sort of, OR maybe that's where o-BIG-EARED & HIS HUSBAND Michael were BORN IN, OR maybe it's where KILLARY AND Bill Clinton KEEP ALL of their DEAD Victim's bodies at! SO SCARY, watch out WITH KILLARY AND "stain ON the dress" Bill, they WILL kill you if you cross them, Yiiiikes! 🙁 🙁

  12. 5 minutes, nothing happens, no ending no explenation that matches the fantastic headlines,,,much worse then a tabloid newspaper. your type of material is whats going to eventually destroy youtube

  13. Continuity of Nazi Germany Government. When Nazi Germany fell so did the blast bunker. The doors were blown off with explosives, most likely U.S allied forces. Rooms that are destroyed and what you call "punched walls" are most likely damage from small arms and hand grenades. The water is from natural processes raining from above. The hole was likely fresh water intake and yes the pipes pulled in fresh air, while still not radiated that is. Mystery solved. Now i would have tried to buy that piece of property and rebuilt that installation.

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