Vina and I traveled to Tokyo for a few days last Christmas. We visited places like:
-Asakusa Shrine
-Hama Rikyu Gardens (a park with ponds in the middle of the bustling city)
-Harajuku Street (shopping, food and big crowds)
-Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) where we saw the famous Asimo robot by Honda
-Odaiba (huge Gundam and big shopping mall)
-Yebisu Garden Place (moderate to very expensive restaurants and Yebisu’s beer tasting room)
-Roppongi Hill
-Meiji Shrine
-and the famous Shibuya Crossing (probably the most crowded place in the world on the most crowded day of the year)

The temperature during the short trip was warm at times (as you can see by our light clothing in some parts) and at other times a bit cold, but surprisingly not so freezing.

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