After posting a video of things we will never do again in Disney World, we got a TON of great comments from you guys! So, here are some of your super helpful comments on what YOU will never do again in Disney World!

Chime in with more in the comments!

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  1. 6:48 I appreciate you guys showing the potential downside to things, giving out all the information and perspectives. Thank you. I'm sure it is useful to many. 🙂

  2. I went last month and it was a super spur of the moment thing,my cousin didn't asked me if i wanted to go until two days before we left. The lack of time between preparing for the trip and getting any knowledge you could find is probably the biggest thing you should avoid. We were only there for one day and only went to the magic kingdom,we missed alot even though we went to just one park.I plan on going again within the next 2-3 years so until then I'm going to save and plan as much as possible so we're able to enjoy more than one park for at least a week. Thanks to dfb I'll be completely ready!!

  3. Also don’t ever go on any splash rides with closed sneaker style shoes. They will hurt your feet all day cause they’re wet and last time I didn’t get mine dry for the whole stay and I had to pack them still wet and when I got home I had to throw them away cause they’d gotten moldy. So if u like those rides where u get wet I suggest asking if u can take your shoes off or pack a pair of flipflops with you in your backpack

  4. I take my family to Disney at least twice a year and by far our favorite time to go to Disney world is mid April right after everyone was off for spring break it's perfect the wait times were some of the lowest we ve ever seen

  5. My family had a fast pass on mission space on the orange after drinking around the world and going to the Beir garten and having a liter of beer. It was a miracle that I didn't vomit inside the ride. Still on of my favourite experiences at Disney.

  6. I absolutely will never go to Disney again without these amazing videos. My family has been going to Disney for years since I was a small kid, and I didn't find this Chanel untill after our trip this summer! I've Since told my family about the chanel and were using it to make a list of places to eat at Disney we've never been before.

  7. Never will I ever ride slinky dog dash coaster during the day. Not only is it hotter in Toy Story land during the day, but the area looks amazing at night and Slinky Dog dash is SOOOO much cooler to look at when the sun is down

  8. I wanted to respond to the “screenshot your FastPass+ to save phone batteries”. I think it is much easier to simply enter your FP+ (and dining and “confirmed entertainment”) into a phone calendar that is shared within your touring party. The advantage is that everyone has the information readily available. You can set alerts to remind you to head off to your scheduled destination. And it has the side effect of being integrated into your AppleWatch (or other smart watch). It is great to just check your wrist for your next event.

    …and if you’re not local to Eastern timezone, don’t forget to enter these appointments into Eastern and not your local timezone.

  9. We live about 10 hours from Disney World and one of the reasons my dad loves staying at the on site hotels is because the bus drivers do the driving for him.

  10. 72 days to go for our second trip this year!! It cannot get here fast enough. We watch your videos all the time and even multiple times lol. We love Disney and try to go twice every year and it is definitely worth the cost to stay on a resort. Have tried it both ways and you just cannot beat staying on property to get the full Disney experience. Love your channel!!

  11. I don't think I'll ever ride it's a small world again because 1 it creeps me out and 2 i feel like disneyland's it's a small world is so much better with more things that are featured on the ride. of course it's just an opinion and i'm biased because I live in california so don't attack me.

  12. "get your ears at the beginning of the trip so you can wear them the whole time, cuz really are you going to wear them at home probably not"

    *At home puts on Minnie ears

  13. Staying offsite for the first time this year….really gong to miss the onsite perks, I always said I’d never stay offsite but needs must and all that lol

  14. We've been going to Florida since 1988 and would only stay on International Drive. staying on parks is nice but I-drive is better!!

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