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  1. Ummm – That's not ice skating…Simon was all "no", but yeah that was skating I guess? Skating actually: involves stopping. – Awesome video….Switzerland! You're a bonafide world traveller….hella funny hella funny – you get the music director award for your videos.

  2. I sure thought while ice skating we were going to have a "call Grandma" moment. Would have been epic. also cool to see Simon's smile more beanie.

  3. Eagle may be the least athletic “professional athlete” of all time. Simon on the other hand seems to be good at everything

  4. You two are going to be a major threat this year on tour!!! keep up the hard work in the offseason and keep on dreaming!!!!!!!!

  5. Eagle!! I have also traveled to the top of Mount Schilthorn and all I wanted to do was throw a disc of the viewing deck! The view is magnificent up there!

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