In this video I take on a MASSIVE GIANT bowl of Vietnamese pho noodle soup! This bowl of soup is INSANELY huge and I have to finish it all in this food challenge. Mukbang to the extream.

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  1. 你雖然还年轻,但是你这样暴飲暴食,真的担心你会暴死,我并沒有惡意,只是想提醒一下,沒必要这样子。

  2. I really enjoyed your video in peru where you explored a menu and explained the foods. Please do more of that. Even thou these videos are cool. You were really expressive and informative. It was cool

  3. Need to go to Jackson TN to a place called Wings Etc and do their “Wall” challenge. 16 jumbo wings covered in their Wall sauce, no drink, and you have to finish in 30 mins. Gotta love hot wings lol

  4. This is so huge but I bet sooo good lol I love your videos and I just shouted you out and referred everyone to your channel as well. Keep up the amazing work you do "eating, having fun with these videos" love it!!

  5. Hey , Jackie , u have like 900k subs .. go shave your head or get plugs … all love ,, just stumbled on this channel lol
    Good luck

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