My top 5 Fall candle brands and specific candle scents, including affordable finds and my very favorite luxury candles! Watch until the end to find out what my current Fall perfume is and what’s on my wish list!

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+ Book Candle!! I need to order this :O –

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Nouvelle Apparel Scarves are made in Nepal from 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk for a buttery soft, warm and lightweight feel.

Each Scarf is finished with modern detailing, such as a small removable label, and soft short eyelash fringe.

The design is oversized to allow it to be worn as a scarf or shawl, and measures 200 x 90 cm or 70″ x 35″.

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  1. Love that you're uploading consistently despite having a full time job and a business. You are serious girl boss goals to me as a student ! Loads of love from Toronto Elle <3

  2. Love the Nest candle called "Holiday" which is a very sophisticated clove-based scent. Liked Apricot Tea on cold sniff but the throw was like ab2 out of 10–would have returned it if I'd kept my Nordstrom bill

  3. Voluspa and Diptyque are my favorites. I also use Lampe Berger (not really a candle but a home scent nonetheless). Great video and review.

  4. Great advice Elle xx I love Byredo Bibliotheque I have that burning this September also love smoked Teakwood & Vetiver by DW home ( good one for the men ) and Jo Malone pomegranate Noir I like deep fragrance. I've just been gifted "Autumn" by The white company for my bday do you have the white company ? It's a nice candle will give you my feedback xx … Autumn is my fav season xx
    As always you are style & chic wrapped up in a lovely personality xx a pleasure to watch xx

  5. great video. I have always wanted to try the Dyptique perfume in duelle. But it is not sold in my province and I am too nervous to buy online

  6. Great video, Elle! I recently picked up Le Labo's Ylang 49 and I have to say it is, hands down, one of my all-time favorite perfumes. What I also love about Le Labo is the personalized experience. They have a Proust questionnaire that you complete on their website and, based on your responses, they send you their recommendation. When I walked into the boutique, I initially thought I would get Thé Noir 29 (which reminded me a bit of Tom Ford's Oud Wood, another fav of mine). However, once I smelled and tested Ylang 49 I knew nothing else compared for me. The service was also exceptional, as the perfume is mixed at the time of purchase and your name is printed on the label. You can also bring the bottle back for 20% off a refill. I already can't wait for my next Le Labo fragrance. 🙂

  7. I always wanted to try the Nest candles but was worried if they soot a lot. I had a Henri Bendel candle and it smelled beautiful but I could just see black smoke/soot every time I used it. I had to just put it on a candle warmer plate because I didn't want to end up with soot all over my ceiling. 🙁

    Have you ever tried Paddywax soy candles? No soot whatsoever! I LOVE their Pomegranate and Spruce candle. Its perfect for the winter. They also had a beautiful Tobacco Vanilla that is amazing too. I think you two would like them both. 🙂

  8. I love Bath & Body Works "Pumpkin French Toast" candles, but they discontinued them! I don't have much of my candle left. 🙁

  9. I bought the Diptyque candle set as well, and I hated all of them. They burned so fast and the scents were harsh and overpowering. I got the Trish McVoy candle in Blueberry at Nordstrom and loved it, and I may try Nest. I think I'm going to stick with diffusing essential oils. Much cleaner and better benefits. Will never touch a Bath and Body Works candle after seeing a news story about how toxic they are.

  10. My favorite candle is Leaves by bath and body works! But I am definitely going to try the Nest holiday one or the birch! I saw last Christmas where you talked about Nest! Going to have to give them a try!

  11. I bought a Nest set earlier this year. Haven't burned them yet but looking forward to it even more after seeing this video.

  12. Just picked up my first Nest candle in Moroccan Amber on a recent trip to NYC. Gorgeous! But my all time favourite candle is L:A Bruket Tabac You must try it. Utterly divine!

  13. Some of your choices sound like you would like to sample By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela.  It has a very autumnal but also carb-y scent.  

    I'm a candle lover as well and there are so many kinds to try.  Thank you for the video, lovely as always.

  14. You look stunning in your cashmere sweater. The color really suits you. Thnx for the tips on buying the candels I always get overwhelmed in the stores.

  15. I have the DW home honey pumpkin candle too, loving it for fall. I'm a fan of Byredo also, I discovered them this past spring and their Gypsy Water parfum has been my signature through spring and summer. Just so unique and perfectly balanced yet unisex which I love. I'm hoping to smell more to choose a winter scent now! Le Labo – I love the concept but none really spoke to me except The' Noir 33. At that price I just think it should be something you adore.

  16. Hi Elle, I love your videos and you are so pretty. Can you tell me how I can purchase your pearls and what color you use in your hair.

  17. My all time favorite candle and home scent is "volcano" from Anthropologie. I also loooooove pumpkin pecan waffles every fall from b&bw. Great video!

  18. Have you ever tried Gold Canyon candles? They are available online or through an independent salesperson but they burn so well and smell delicious!!

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