Spaghetti Carbonara. This is a dish I’ve previously made without cream. This one is done with cream but does add fat. Who cares. I didn’t have cream in the other vid but said I would make it again WITH cream.

NOTE! 2nd half of vid…ignore! Way too drunk!!!

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  1. i have never cooked with heavy cream before. do you completely cook the shrimp or whatever before you douse it with the cream? or do you expect it to cook more after the cream? i guess, does the cream stop the cooking? thanks, man. you really have inspired me to cook good stuff in my little studio joint. I want to try the cream this weekend.. Be cool!

  2. Ideally its oil, garlic, seafood, (cook half way), add cream, reduce by half and add some parm cheese to thicken or taste, tons of cracked black, parsley and pig out!


  3. Thanks alot, man!

    Sure. If you could put that in the comments on my channel, it'd make it easier.


  4. Sorry for the lack of vids but I'm going to put up a vid very shortly about what gives on this end.

    Have a good weekend buddy!

    Cheers to you too!

  5. Cheers, man. I'm gonna have some sht up by Dec. Gonna put up a vid real soon explaining a lot of what's been going on.


  6. Been watching you since day one. I'm an old guy. I have in my possession a couple of my Grandmothers cast iron Griswold skillets, a pair of stainless steel bowls (used to be my dog's water and feed bowls), and a box of plastic dinnerware I bought at Wal-Mart. And I like to cook. Not much good but I'm getting better at it thanks to you. You've shown me the way brother.   PS..would you like Justin Beiber back?

  7. Man I miss new videos!!!! If you decide to make more, you will make so many of your fans so freaking happy! Hope you are doing well man!!!!

  8. That looks sooo fuck'n good. Just how could you go wrong with these ingredients. To bad this guy isn't around any more. On less some one could give me an up date on where to get newer vids.

  9. Yea I've had my problems with those dam things, they can be a bitch. Just hang strong man. Think of better days and cooking. You rock!!

  10. … man… that is way to much cream, no? And the heat is way to high? 🙁

    Sorry for being so critical! I love all that you cook! 🙂

  11. This only about the 15th time I watched this MuthaFucka, and still love it!!! Blue crizzy in the hizzy.. Cheers mah kneegrow!!

  12. and since i left that other comment on the critic, i'm not being a critic at all, id eat the fuck out of what you just made in this video, i'm gonna make it. guess what i'm going to do though. fuckin MUSHROOMS lol. even when shit don't call for mushrooms i add mushrooms, and just like you, i need a shit load of pepper…i don't know what it is but i have to put pepper in everything i make, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's not. i don't give a shit. hope ur doing good drunk cook. Also, @THE DRUNK COOK please try to make beef lo mein one day, any way you want to make it, i make it all the time, id like to see what ideas you have and try it out

  13. There's always a spot on the camera lens on all your videos. I like that kitchen is that new and bigger than the other one. Nothing like scraping a Teflon pan with a metal utensil worst thing you can do. This guy is totally ocified smashed drunk stoned.

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