2nd Tour On The Montauk Branch

Branch: Montauk

Weather: 75F

Train: EMD-DE30AC

Fare (Round-Trip): $42.50 (Zone 14)

Connections: Suffolk Transit Bus, Taxi
(Parking Is Free In Weekends)

What was considered both the longest ride, the most expensive and the earliest ever in Tours Era! I bring to you here the Southampton Station On The LIRR part of the Montauk Branch which is the most prestigious branch out of all because of the distance it and the amount of resort and areas to visit during vacation! Hence it was the earliest trip I’ve ever taken to do a station tour and that train I had to take was at 9:43 in the freaking morning! And for the Montauk tour it will be probably be earlier than that because the last train to leave will be approximately around 7:33 pm which is absolutely insane. The ride to Southampton was amazing but significantly tiring because of the distance, the trip was almost 2 hours. First look around was Cooper’s Beach and the local park that would be eventually featured in the Area Segment, it was a pretty long walk but it was surely a workout as well. I was so overwhelmed with the beach that I forgot to film it, but it’s definitely a recommendation to visit! Afterwards we went to a restaurant which featured the UCL Final Between Madrid and Liverpool, the food was exceptional. A warning because most of the restaurants around Southampton is EXPENSIVE! After that was the segments featuring the station of Southampton, news involving the MTA and their future plans. Overall a great day and a nice area to visit. With that I end it here, stay tuned for more videos!

Tour Update: There’ll be a Tour On June 2, I’ll Post On Twitter Where The Destination Will Be. After June 2, there won’t be tours until July 14 which will be the Road To Montauk!

Twitter: @MTARAILFAN23

Viewer Invitations: There’s still time to book your seat to the Road To Montauk Tour! Last Day to book an invitation will be July 7. Plenty of viewers are expected to come!

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  1. bread is bad for birds and ducks causes health issues no nutritional value what so ever if u feed them the birds wont migrate and will depend on people feeding them so they dont want u to feed them another reason is because birds can cause diseases and they dont want mosquitoes as well also is contaminated with sewage and waste so that is why

  2. the ducks with the green heads are called mallards also canadian geese birds can also cause disease by poop they dont want that that is another reason people take away food supply so there are a couple of reasons also extinction is high we have to protect them

  3. best tour you have ever done i love it i love what you represent and stand for i love how you explain things and you get to the point i have alot of respect for you

  4. Wish more time would have been spent on the betrayal of the Main Line. As you can imagine I am very upset about it, there's nothing worse than getting your hopes up for something, only to be hurt in the end, and that's happened way too many times in my life, personally, so as you can imagine I am very upset over it. I have never seen such long term reduction in service on any branch due to construction, let alone, notice of a change in an official document, only to be backtracked on the next week. Its what makes me very suspicious of the MTA, and what elements representing the snobs on the Babylon Branch are still in control. I have a sneaking suspicion that Eng was overruled, because the snobs on the Babylon Branch would not want us Main Liners crowding their trains between Jamaica & Penn. While it's true, a number of folks have driven to the Babylon Branch for better service, the snobs know, those that drive are generally better off, than those without cars, like me, who cannot drive to their stations. I'm glad you brought up News 12, apparently its the same thing with other areas, the coverage of National News is completely uncalled for, when the slogan is supposed to be "as local as local news gets". As for the tour itself, wish you would have shown more of the Pine Barrens, you passed through beautiful areas around Westhampton. Too bad you forgot to film Coopers Beach, it is beautiful. And what's great is they dont charge you to walk on the beach, like Long Beach and most of the towns in Jersey do. Agawam lake unfortunately has major algae problems due to the use of fertilizer by all the homes along it, it really is unfortunate and avoidable, Southampton should just ban the use of fertilizer. You can see the Montauk branch is taken care of better than the other diesel branches, and you know why, it's because of the $$ snobs from the City use it to travel to the Hamptons. Those ties you showed at the beginning, all old wooden ties that will be trashed. They get modern signals too. I believe the Greenport branch east of Ronkonkoma is still "dark" as in no signals. I'm glad service was improved there but I'd like to see signals as well as tie replacement (speeds are generally kept below 40 due to poor track condition). Greenport would be a good idea for a future station tour, but you better film the ride through the Pine Barrens this time! Southampton has alot of pricey places but I'm glad you did find something reasonable. It is the nicest station of the Hamptons. Those special trains should not skip Hampton Bays, especially in winter, it's discrimination plain & simple. I dont know how the MTA continues to get away with this, no other transit system has such questionable practices. Lastly, I do think that oversized luggage should be charged. The snobs pack like they are going away for a few weeks, its ridiculous. All they need is a backpack! But they are snobs, honestly these people just annoy me. Way too much $$. Hopefully karma will get them in the end and things will go back to the way they were, eventually, and maybe Long Island will be a more fair and equal place once again.

  5. East Hampton is a small station that can fit 4 cars and the village isn't to bad although I took the s92 from Riverhead to East Hampton but I'm looking forward to go to Montauk although the summer has more service and now there's morning Start to Penn Station starts at 4:50 am from Southampton which is train 2791 also former 2733 from Speonk.

  6. The Avalon Park is a nice Park in Stony Brook only the weather is nice and the walk from Port Jeff station to the Marina is a 20 min walk or you can take the s60, 61 or the 76 to the water.

  7. What Matt says they're pretty much will take the c3s off the other branch and last year the port Jeff branch had a MARC train for 613 and 664.

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