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  1. Great info man! I wonder how far that bar is from the beach? I never did see the water. I guess maybe a block or so away? Thanks again brother I really enjoy your vlogs. Seems like a lot of work to make them, but it's greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

  2. I love your chanell man I know I said a lot of harsh things on you black woman video but I been rocking with you for awhile. Still love your chanell.

  3. Very good brother. I support his spot everytime I go down. Great place to watch a game. Great food. Great staff.

  4. That’s the only pain in the ass is the cats hound you about buying stuff on the way to the beach… Lol…

  5. I'm fucking with yall! I'm an entrepreneur and investor who works from my computer! I am so tired of jumping through loops for mediocre women. Sousa is a paradise! And I'm good!! I run like several businesses too! I think i could find something there 😀

  6. Hey man it’s great how you look out for brothers, American doing their thing in business and the DR… One of the reasons why your videos are so much appreciated! Keep doing the great job you’re doing!

  7. Im definitely going to support the American brother.. i been goin to sosua for 5 years want shop American out there

  8. Thanks My Brother I'm going to come there and I am a Retired army veteran and I live in Atlanta Georgia and can't wait to get out of here women's here have Bad Attitude and all about what kinda money a man is spending on them just to talk to them

  9. Yo Big Ups Russ! Been following you for a few weeks now and I'm digging how you breaking it down! I will be in the DR (Puerto Plata) in June 2018 for my Birthday – Where the yacht Party gone be Fam?????

  10. Why is it so hard for a motherfucker to understand that by promoting and broadcasting to the world, that they will cause paradise to be destroyed. Look at ME!!! Is it not gratification enough that you had the means to successfully escape the MATRIX but noooooooooooo!!! Your simple backwards ass wants every nigga and black bitch from the US to come to Sosua and live.

    If you ever took the time to realize that the majority of all men that get on planes to Sosua come for 1 thing. So why do you make it a point to promote a place that revolves entirely off prostitution. Every business, restaurant and hotel generates 90% of their revenue from men who came there to get away from their painful existence. We have enough videos and wanna be prophets that have blow up Sosua enough. Now your silly ass makes daily videos and you wonder where the clowns come from. They show up wearing matching T-Shirts like its a fucking family reunion a scared ass wipes, No shit last trip I ran into 2 groups wearing matching T-Shirts.

    Mr. Taylor Made I hold you responsible for the demise of Sosua. It's on its last leg and there you ae just nailing the coffin shut. So glad you only got to see it for a short time. Your lousy ass would have been slaughtered in the streets back in 2012. You are responsible for fucking up a man's paradise because your thirst for self gratification. Just love to be seen and love to talk. No need to. Everyone that needs to know about Sosua already knows. All you are doing now is promoting the place to people that should not be there in the 1st place. That was very obvious with the groups of Passport Pussy that are on the loose in Sosua now and don't have a fucking clue on what to do nor how to do it. They get what they deserve but clearly……………….YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM COMING!!! Their failures are on your hands.

    Sosua is not the fucking circus. Stop promoting it like it is. Come down and open a business in one of the most corrupt country in the Caribbean? Really? Videos of a Pool Party at Ahnve with faces shown? All of the chicas are prostitutes. Promote a Holiday Boat Ride with VP Chill? Every female on the boat is a prostitute. That's what you are promoting and when you dick dance around the subject without pointing out the truth, the truth is what is going to come back and bite you in the ass.

    So you dickless wonder, did it ever occur to you that the vast majority of men that go to Sosua,………………..don't want it known that the city revolves around prostitution. That is the fact that your silly ass just won't let your self-serving ego digest and comprehend. Stop thinking about yourself you selfish bastard.


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