Perched high above the Sacred Valley of Cusco in Peru, you will find Skylodge: three totally transparent capsule suites and a dining room/kitchen suspended 400m above the valley floor. Getting to your bed has never been such an adventure. After a 1.5 hour climb straight up the mountain, you will enjoy a gourmet dinner in a circular, glass dining room pod and then enjoy a good night’s sleep under the stars in your sleeping capsule (complete with its own private bathroom). The next morning, climb back to the dinning room and enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view before zip-lining back down the mountain.

Book your stay, but make sure you are comfortable with heights:

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  1. Doesn’t look enticing to me I wonder how many Peruvians have to schlep around so some dumb Americans and Europeans can slither up a mountain and have sex in a tube? You could get the same effect using the back seat of your car parked on the edge of a cliff.

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  3. তারপরও পরিপূর্ণ শান্তি মিলে না।

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