Delicious Vietnamese food in Portland! Check out Short Round Portland’s menu on this Portland foodie virtual tour. This Vietnamese restaurant in Portland serves Vietnamese street food, Korean bibimbap, sugarcane shrimp (a total must-experience dish), pho and traditional bahn mi sandwiches. Plus, the fish sauce wings are a hot seller! While here, don’t forget to grab one of their colorful, fresh cocktails made with Japanese whiskey.

This behind the scenes with Jenna from Sip Bite Go explores some of the most popular Short Round happy hour and bar menu items. Short Round is located on Hawthorne in Southeast Portland. Short Round is owned by Ben Bui from Fish Sauce in the Pearl District. That’s also a great place to stop for authentic Vietnamese in PDX. See the Short Round menu online at

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  1. Wow, definitely some interesting and different things in there! There's a few Vietnamese cafes here in Bali that I love going to. I often order a tofu bahn mi, which is delicious – mainly the sauce they use is such a great flavor. And I've tried the vietnamese drop coffee a few times, which is lovely. But hmm the condensed milk they like to add to it could easily become addictive!

  2. The sugarcane shrimp sounds really good!! Sounds like a lot of amazing foods to try. Thanks for sharing. Hoping someday I'll be in Portland to try!!

  3. Everything looks delish! I have seen Balut served as a challenge on Survivor! I am pretty adventurous with food…but I am not quite ready for that yet. I wonder…do you eat the sugar cane in the lettuce wrap with the Sugarcane Shrimp?

  4. Hi Jenna! The SugarCane Shrimp wrap looks delicious! The Korean MIL Bibimbap looks really good too. We love Vietnamese food and will drop by Ben's Short Round next time we are in Portland. Thanks for the tip. Mary @

  5. I've never been to a Vietnamese restaurant. Wait, maybe I have. I think the place I went to had a french influence.

  6. I adore Vietnamese cuisine. I'm definitely adding Short Round to my list of restaurants to check out when I'm in Portland.

  7. All of this food sounded and looked really interesting! I wish there was a place like this closer to where I live!

  8. Yum! I've had a few Vietnamese foods, but haven't tried these. I'll definitely try them out when I go to Portland.

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