Welcome to aclaireytale!! I will be living and working in Walt Disney World for one year from February 27th 2017. I am participating in the Cultural Representative Program working at the Rose & Crown in Epcot. Follow along to see lots of Disney/Universal footage!!!

Date Filmed: Tuesday 15th August 2017

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Hope and I finished our morning shift and headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on the Friendship Boat. We had some fun at Characterpalooza then rode Rock n Rollercoaster. Then we went to eat dinner at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant. It is possibly my favourite themed restaurant dining experience. Then we headed straight to see Fantasmic! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I can’t wait to go to that restaurant, my daughter will love it! I grew up going to drive ins, they were the best! Thanks for sharing! Watching all your videos makes me feel I’m already there, just a short time left before our move there!!

  2. What a lovely evening Hope and you had at DHS. Our family really enjoys the atmosphere at Sci-Fi. It is so much fun! We are eating there on our trip in July. We haven’t been to Fantasmic in awhile, but it is on our list for our trip.

    I hope you are having a good week, settling in and getting ready for your new job. Hope the driving lessons are going well! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. <3 I haven't seen Fantasmic in so long because my son didn't want to watch it last year cause he thought it was scary! Hopefully I can get him to do it this year! a year older should hopefully do the trick…right??

  4. My family and I eat here every trip. I just love the atmosphere and the cheesy movie clips. The food isn't bad either : )

  5. Omg Tom and Jerry!!! Lol sorry that was my favorite growing up. Now I need to go to Sci Fi, I've never had the chance to go. I always love Fantasmic too, so I'm glad you shared some if it with us. I just have trouble making time for Studios unfortunately cause it always seems to get cut for time. Thanks as always for sharing!

  6. I love Sci Fi…its my favorite restaurant at WDW….ah Claire my heart dropped when I was watching F!….see (ok now here is my sad tale taking over your comments lol) I saw the first F! ever at Disneylabd!!! I have it videotaped…I totally fell in love with it and regardless if I go to DL for 1 day or 5 days I saw it every night….I have the CD and know the entire show by heart including Mickey's choreograph (which btw has changed about 3 times since inception) then this year they changed it…I mean the music, the show, everything..I literally honest to God cried when I saw it because it wasn't the same. I don't like it at all…so knowing that WDW still has the same show makes me sad that we lost it…The funny thing is Ive heard many times from people who have worked or gone only to wdw that they totally skipped F! when coming to Disneyland…boy oh boy that was the mistake of the century…It wasn't exactly the same…ahem ours was really better…it was all done outside on the rivers of america and there were a few things we did different like we didn't have the Aladdin part…ours was a mix of things from Fantasia and Pinocchio…sigh oh well …thanks for the memory Claire….love the vlog as usual….

  7. We managed to get a reservation on this restaurant and I absolutely adored it!! A very nice experience, the atmosphere was amazing!

  8. Sci-fi is so much fun, the theme is amazing! That birthday cake milkshake looked lovely.. Haha fork in the road!!

  9. I loved the sci fi diner – where else can you eat a meal in a Cadillac?! No where in the UK that’s for sure!

  10. I love hope she’s such a bubbly person. I love Hollywood studios at night it’s got a lovely vibe. Xxx

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