If you want a great Milk Shake that honors this seasons traditions, this Pumpkin Pie Milk Shake is Perfect and it’s so easy to make!

If you love Pumpkin Pie and you love Milk Shakes, then this Pumpkin Pie Milk Shake is you’re new go to recipe because it’s incredibly easy and delicious.  It’s typically a seasonal ice cream shake that is advertised and sold, in restaurants everywhere, based on the ripening of Pumpkins in the Fall.  Even Weiner Schnitzel has had it on their Menu for years and they taste great.  But, we don’t want to buy their’s, we want to make our own and it’s really easy to do so.

To make this Pumpkin Pie Milk Shake, I don’t care if you like to cook down your own pumpkin or if you like to buy it in a can.  You’re still going to need the other basic Pumpkin Pie ingredients to pull off this shake, if you’re making it from scratch.  There is, however, a simple cheat that I introduce in the video.  If you already have a premade pie or have some left over from your Thanksgiving holiday this year, you can add that to the Ice Cream, instead of just the pie filling, and it will still turn out great.  You’ll even get the added bonus of that Cookie Crust blended in with it.  If you think that sounds crazy, just think about a Cookies and Cream Milk Shake for just a moment and let that sink in.

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  1. Great job! I’ll give it a “whirl” and provide my comments. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your recipe’s throughout the year!

  2. Well, for thanksgiving I'll be making your brisket, bacon wrapped shrimp, stuffing and now this for dessert. Haven't decided on a veg yet…

    This Gonna be the best Thanksgiving dinner ever, thank you Sir!!

  3. Well, Siri changed pumpkin to Pecan In my comment. This recipe inspired us to add pumpkin to our protein shake for a change of pace. Thanks for such great inspiration!

  4. This is beyond wonderful! Especially whey I hit the point where you can throw the whole pie in! I LOVE pumpkin pie and, well yes, I will add the booze…I think burbon in my case (perhaps scotch). Could be I'll be drinking pumpkin pie milkshakes for some time until I find just the right combination. Great!

  5. I went into a "sugar coma" just watching this! It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing, just subbed.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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