EVERYTHING you need to know about Prague in just 60 seconds.
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How to get from the airport?
Where to change money?
Best Czech restaurants?

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Honest Prague Guide is your best guide for Prague 🙂 We only show you what we as locals like and what we think you should see in Prague. There’s a ton of cool things to do in Prague as well as cool places. We’ll show you around 🙂 And we hope you’ll come and will visit the Czech Republic and will have an amazing time!

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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš

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  1. i want know about chez villages and culture please make any interesting video form me im abig fan from india

  2. Hello! I'm a big fan of your channel. In many videos you're talking about avoiding changing money because of scammers all around the city. You always say that way better solution is paying with credit/debit card. However, banks have spreads too and they aren't low in many cases. Have you heard about Revolut app? They offer a debit card (one time payment, very low) and then you can buy everything with absolutely zero spread. OK, they charge you a little (0,5%) during weekends and holidays due to possible currency changes. You can even withdraw 200EUR (or equivalent in your local currency) from ATM per month without any charges.
    Maybe it is an idea to make a video?
    Have a nice day! Greetings from Poland.

  3. Just came back this morning from Prague!! Ever since I booked our vacation I'vw been watching in all of your videro and they all really helped us in your beautiful city. Butt… When we smelled the Tredelnik we couldn't helped it and bought one.. was really tasty soo we are fine. but we also tried local food of course and it didn't let us down as well. thank you so much, I'm guessing that I'll keep watching your videos and sooner or later book another trip to prague/

  4. I am going to Prague for sure! I really want to see the 0%commission exchange, eat a budget meal in one of you guys recommended restaurants, visit the hidden gems of Prague. Also do 59 things you mentioned in this video! I am hoping 2.5 days will be enough for all of that

  5. This guy has probably single handedly bought in about 400k in income for his country and thats a low ball

  6. My partner knew that on our trip to Europe that Prague would be my favourite because of your videos. He proposed to me on the Charles Bridge when their were no tourists late at night 😀 Thanks Honest Guide for making the trip so beautiful and memorable! You should do a video on best places and times to propose in Prague!

  7. Arrived back home from Prague yesterday and came back here to thank you. Read hundreds of blogs and Cityguides and you guys where the most helpful! Thanks a ton Janek and Honza, keep up the great work! You're city is truly beautiful. Going to Vysherad was THE best tip ever. What a nice place.

  8. Can you make a detailed episode on czech cuisine where you describe the ingredients of that meal like a food vlogger. Check out mark wines or food ranger for reference.

  9. Takže taxikářská mafie tě nakonec opravdu zastrašila a dal jsi se na tohle? Inu škoda, ale chápu to.

  10. Janek how did you get that awesome American accent, you sound just like an native American how did you do that ? 🙂

  11. The city is beautiful no one can deny that I made the decission of visiting Prague encouraged by your channel and obviously this is just my subjective opinion after visiting Prague… in a 3 day span I was involved and sadly experienced 2 racist events… Im from Costa Rica me and my girlfriend were kicked out of Albert supermarket at Palladium we didn't even stay for one minute when a guy said to us that we had to leave the store this is a crowded place we both felt horrible, Next day at 9 am just walking by Prague 10 a police car stopped us by saying "identity control " (obviously based solely in our appearence), it is incredible because we were just walking we provided our passports to the officers and took them 3 minutes until they literaly threw us back our documentation before telling us "Have a great day" .
    Definitely my worst experience so far in Europe

  12. Ahoj, Im From germany and my mom comes from Tschech. Nice that I found a tschech youtuber who makes fun to watch 😀

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