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  1. I did it…no thermometer needed.
    Came out EXCELLENTLY!
    Will never buy prime rib out again!
    No need to buy it overpriced when it comes out so much better like this.

  2. **I think its important to note that this method does not work with larger roasts over 6lbs!!**

    For instance, an 8 lb roast (3 bone) means 40 minutes at 500'f by the math used in this video. That long at that high temp will burn the outside of the roast and the cooling oven will not have enough heat to bring the center of a roast that size to a minimum temperature of rare. What you will have is the first inch or two of the roast will be rare-medium rare with a burnt exterior and a raw, cold center, especially near the bone. Yuck.

    So, here's an easy fix.

    Put the roast in the 500'f oven until the exterior is crisped up and browned. 20-30 minutes. No more. Turn the oven down to 200'f and let the roast go until the center is between 130'f and 135'f, no more. Do not open the door. Do not baste it. Do nothing, just like Chef John said. When the roast reaches 130-135'f on the meat thermometer, remove from the oven and let rest for 45 minutes to an hour. That is a must.

    Make the au jus just as CHef John described. Its insanely good.


  3. Dude… I hate the inflection! Who in the hell taught you to talk!??? No way I would ever watch your videos! You suck!

  4. "Left out at room temperature for AT LEAST SIX HOURS!" Hello, clostridium perfringens. This is not a recipe for prime rib. It is a recipe for food poisoning.

  5. I have only one objection to this prime rib. OK, two. One, I have a loose tooth. I can't eat anything remotely chunky, only soft foods, until the dang tooth comes out and heals up. Two; however, I still object that I don't have any prime rib here. I want some, even though I can't have it. — Actually, I froze a nice steak I'd fixed just before the tooth became loose. It's in the freezer waiting for me. — I will be trying out a new blender.

  6. Maybe this is just the legalities of the restaurant biz, but I thought you weren't supposed to leave any meat in the danger zone (40-140 degrees F) for more than 4 hours? I mean, I've definitely done it before, but I'd like to know what the official word is on this.

  7. I tried this method for a dinner party of eight at my house and it was absolutely full proof and fabulous. I was leery because it was the first time I made it but everyone was so impressed of the taste and how beautiful it turned out. We also use chef John’s Au Jus recipe and it was a hit. We also had horseradish for those who also desired that. My mom had three Mexican restaurants and was a fabulous cook but she never once made prime rib so this was all new to me. First time I had prime rib was in my 30s and I have to say this homemade recipe is better than any restaurant I have eaten in. This is my husbands favorite meat so of course I wanted to impress him, which I did thanks to this recipe. If you’re debating whether to use this or not I would try it because if it is still too raw you could always go back and cook it at 3:25 for maybe 20 minutes or so but if your oven works right you won’t have that problem. I have a “GE profile convection oven” and I use the convection setting for it. My favorite part of this prime rib is believe it or not the second day it even taste better, so it is a win-win for all. Well, that is if there’s any left over. Bon Appétit.

  8. Been cooking my prime rib via this method for years (well as long as this video has been on YouTube). Perfect every time. Chef John’s a genius!

  9. I'll never do this method again. I did it correctly according to instructions twice…..far too raw for me. Maybe it was the oven but I used 2 different ovens.

  10. I tried this yesterday and ended-up with an $80 hunk of charcoal !!! Maybe my oven was too hot, I don't know but from now on I will stick to my ole tried and true method of spinning it over the grill and monitoring the temp. like a hawk. Some things are better staying the same.

  11. needs a couple more minutes @500 before letting it cool in the oven.   That's a bit raw for me.
    Ok, new formula:  (weight in lbs) X 5.5 (rounded down) = 29 minutes.Great VIDEO BTW !!   I love making this cut of meat but never had the knack to get it right.  The formula HELPS !.   I have a Big Green Egg smoker/cooker and would have to take into account that it cools faster than an ordinary oven.    BUT:  I can leave that cooker going at 230-240 for an hour then cut off the air for another hour.THANKS

  12. I do a prime a few times throughout the year. The weight of the prime times 5 for 500 and rest for 2 hours is the only way to go. Love the butter recipe. My next one I am injecting with soy sauce

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