Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas,
Everybody’s looking for something.
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be a….

Pattaya low vs High Season.
Also a comparison between my cheap and expensive cameras.
Sony rx100 V and the SJcam 5000+ and a smal keychain camera.
I filmed from 2014 till 2018 so you can also see a difference in years.
The beginning was filmed in lucky star bar on the corner from Beach road with soi 8. Pattaya in low season and High season.

From 4:00 is filmed in soi 6. 2015. in low season Pattaya
From 6:38 is filmed in soi 8. 2017-18 High season December january.

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Cameras: SJcam 5000+ elite
Sony RX100 V
Zoom H1 dig. audio recorder.
cyberlink power director 14+15

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  1. Bedankt voor video Steff. Het had goed geweest mocht je ook wat uitleg kunnen geven over hoeveel minder volk er is tijdens het laagseizoen, de drinks en tarieven van de meisjes: zelfde prijzen of staan deze onder druk tijdens die periode? In wat tijdens juli en augustus: is het dan terug drukker in Pattaya?

  2. Steff, you are so right about the difference now. I don't think your viewers get this. Pats is being taken over by the Indians and Middle Eastern tourists.Let's not even mention the Chinese. They are now demanding their music is played in bars. Which is fine. Good, let them do that. But the girls don't like it, the Westerners don't like it, and they will leave. The girls will leave and that will leave a town full of Arabs and Indians in empty bars. The bar owners will leave and leave a city with all there is to do is walk around shopping malls all day and go back to their hotel at night. Good planning, I think not.

  3. The beginning was filmed in lucky star bar on the corner of Beach road with soi 8.
    From 4:00 is filmed in soi 6. 2015. in low season Pattaya (SJcam 5000 action camera)
    From 6:38 is filmed in soi 8. 2017-18 High season December january. (sony rx100 V)

  4. High season or low season ,it doesn't bother me when I go to Thailand ,I love the place , heading to There in 2 days for 5 weeks woohoo

  5. Panama was sign of the time for sure. I was in Patts in Nov/Dec '17 and heard that song 10-20 times per day. The girls went crazy for it. It was a Romanian song from 2013 but for some reason took off like a rocket in Asia in late 2017. You can date some of the scenes in the vid from the music being played.

  6. Hey Cool Video Steff, always fun watching you're videos old or new, guess you will soon be heading back to pattaya look forward to some new videos, take care Cheers,

  7. It's always interesting to see what was and how it is now from someone else's perspective, but when in the past I've visited places for the second time after a few years, I've felt disappointed to see that its not as good as it once was, even though there is more going on and more feet on the streets, doesn't have the same charm value for me, and yet every one says the future looks bright.

  8. Nice video Steff.
    In one of my video, a clothe seller complained that only Chinese walk and never buy anything. I hear same thing everywhere. My Thai friend tell me that all her friends complain too.

  9. I hear from a lot of guys who have been to Pattaya that it was way better back in early 2K up until 2014 or so. I for one think that if I am having this much fun when I started going in 16 then it had to be some really great times I missed out on before that time. But so is life, you miss out on one opportunity and await the next!

  10. Steff I will tell you a secret .
    I come from the land down under and the Thai low season is our winter , it's on right now .
    Low season is fantastic for us we get away from our winter and have a great holiday in the Thai low season .
    We are a lot closer to Thailand than the Americans or Europeans and air fares are cheap and Thai low season is cheaper and not so crowded , bloody terrific .
    What is not so fantastic our Aussie dollar isn't worth much as compared to the Euro or USD and English Pound .
    Other losers are the Canadians whose money has the same value as ours and the poor New Zealanders whose money is worth even less , but their country has to be one of the most beautiful in the world .
    For me , low season is the best , I have never had an issue with the Thai low season weather it's fine imo and I have been over there about 25 times .

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