Hi everyone! So here is PART 1 of my PARIS VLOG!

I take you LUXURY shopping with me to Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton & Dior! I have plenty of EYE CANDY for you! I also show you some beautiful Parisian attractions and of course the yummy food as well! Don’t miss the part in the middle where I SHARE a short story…..let’s just say I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

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Filmed on my iPhone 7+

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  1. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!    The story of the lost earring was beautiful.  God responded because you were humble enough to not be crushed over something material. <3

  2. Thank you Mel so much for sharing your anniversary trip to Paris.  It is my favourite place in the world and your video reminded me of how special it is.  It was wonderful the way you allowed us to shop, sightsee and dine with you.  I felt as if I was there with you!  You have the most amazing style and I loved everything you wore and purchased.  So incredibly excited for you  Would you kindly share the make of your magnificent fur cape.?   It truly is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen.  Thank you again for sharing your trip with us. x

  3. I would feel the same if I lost my earrings too. Lucky you to have such a caring husband. Love this vlog. Feel like I am traveling with you to Paris.

  4. Really, fabulous filming – GREAT job! Where you ever asked to stop filming? I was amazed you filmed in Channel . Thanks for sharing – can’t wait to go back to Paris!!! Love. What is it about that city?????

  5. Ok, you are killing me with the earring story! What a husband – keep him and most definitely let him when some arguments, even if he’s wrong!!! He’s earned it!

  6. Hi Mel! Love this great video about your recent trip to the "City of Light" ~ One of my favourite cities so far! I especially find the "hubby rushed out & managed to come back with your lost earring" part very romantic & touching! A big thumbs up to your hubby! 🙂

  7. The Vlog was fun to watch and nice to see you looking around at the Dior shop and the many fun photos of you!!! The Museum was good to see a few art works and see you walking in Paris with your husband and telling your story about the Chanel ear-ring was good!!! I enjoy your video and music.

  8. you guys are such a loving couple it's sooo cute!! i've been watching your paris vlogs after watching your amazing hauls the vlog is so entertaining to watch ty for uploading!!

  9. I loved this, Mel! ❤️❤️Thank you for taking us with you! Thank you sharing the story about your hubby and your earring. That is the sweetest ❤️❤️❤️ -Susan

  10. No doubt that you are really rich from the way you do shopping, you are very lucky living a luxury life, you look beautiful too, and even I love your videos, but I would love it more if you spent a lil amount of money for charity fund.

  11. Wow they allowed you to take videos?? I was a in a Gucci store last time and they didn't allow me to vlog there.

  12. Love the art gallery, especially that lady with dark hair and earrings you did a close up of. Wonder the artist, and name of picture? Thanks in advance.

  13. I just dont know why…..but i am in love with J'adior……i already own two of them…….its so damnnnn cutttttteeeeee and i can even slay it during daytime!!!

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