In this video, I traveled to the Mekong Delta and took a trip through the Cai Rang Floating Market and tried to make some rice hammock with some true masters.

The restaurant with the rice hammocks:
Nhà Vườn Sinh Thái – Lò Bánh Hỏi Út Zdách
509 Tỉnh Lộ 61B, Ấp Nhơn Bình, Xã Nhơn Ái, Phong Điền

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  1. After watching you eating the giant Pho bowl last night, I suffered a whole night thinking about it. Lol. Now I just had a bowl of pho and am really happy.
    Now I’m watching this… I guess for a while all I want would be a Vietnam visa and flight ticket…

  2. My parents were born and raised in Vietnam for about 20 years, and moved to the Philippines, then to Washington, and then to Nevada where we still live now. They were very poor, and would tell me stories of life in Vietnam. Coming from your point of view and your perspective of the culture was refreshing since I can relate (I eat Vietnamese food though, and I speak the language) Vietnam is truly beautiful, and you’ve shown me everything from a non-native point of view. Thanks bruthah.

  3. Great video. Beautiful scenery, people, food, experiences… But I want nothing more than that toy chicken. It was so adorable!!

  4. The production value in this video is probably the best I’ve seen on your channel so far, great camera work and all. You deserve more than one million subscribers already, haven’t a clue why it takes so long. Awesome video as always.

  5. Please don't put the northern music in the view of southern west Vietnam. It is just not appropriated in the southwest vn clips like that

  6. Your videos are honestly really amazing and make me hungry each time , quick question tho , do you work out cuz you don’t seem to put on that much weight while eating a lot

  7. What is my "verdict " after your video ? Very good video . Thanks , LIKE & many greetings from Romania .

  8. Nice video, Mike. I just love all the things you have in this journey to the floating market. Nice effort finding the "banh my" lady. You will find her next time.

  9. This was such a fun video to watch! I'm wondering what song is played at the end of the video though, during your second trip on the boats, it's really nice c:

  10. This was a really really beautiful video. From your interactions with the locals, to the stunning imagery of every day life in Vietnam, I was smiling the whole time. thank you for making this and thank you for being so humble and kind to everyone you interact with!

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