Flynn McGarry is the youngest chef in NYC’s fine dining scene. At the age of just 18, he’s serving a 16 course tasting menu at the chef’s counter at Kava. His food is imaginative and delicious. The cost of the tasting menu is $160 per person. A wine pairing is $90, but unfortunately McGarry isn’t old enough to drink any.

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  1. uhhhhhhh,   NO.    at 17 years old,  there is no full understanding of what you are doing,  at that age it is almost all copying others and just doing what they are doing.  there is nothing masterfull about that.   shame on you for exploiting this and for not being sensible about your videos.

  2. Whats with that tradition of a beautifully plated small amount of food that costs ridiculously high ? Do people nowadays pay for the creativity of the highly esteemed Michelin star chefs or to have their stomachs filled ? You probably need 4-6 servings of such a quantity to satisfy your appetite. I'm a part time chef. I cook good. I focus on satisfying peoples stomach and their hearts using proper fusion of spices with meat and veggies. The taste is what brings happiness and smiles on customers. Why care about beauty and creativity of the food presented to you when you are gonna grind it between the teeth and finally get it out of your system.

  3. I want to see him in a real kitchen and what happens when he gets 20 tickets up the ass I'm 17 and do it the 16 hour days actual work I mean its nice to see a young tweezer chef but that's nothing insane as long as you know how flavor works

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