Living in Japan is an adventure! While studying in Tokyo I had so many interesting & unique experiences, so here’s all my favorite moments! Subscribe and stay tuned for more Japan videos!

This video is a great introduction to all the adventures you can have during your time studying in Japan, while on your Tokyo year abroad. Are you going to study in Japan? Study in Tokyo? Let me know in the comments below!

I spent my year abroad in Japan, studying at a Tokyo University, TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 東京外国語大学) and had so many unique adventures while studying in Japan. Links below!

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In this video you’ll see the very best of my experiences of living in Japan while studying in Tokyo, from the Tokyo student life & Japan daily life, to my adventures at the Sapporo Snow Festival, all sorts of japan street food, and so much more. I explored Japanese love hotels and tried Nakiryu Michelin Star Ramen. While living in Tokyo I had a front row seat to daily life in Japan, as well as odd experiences such as the Zauo fishing restaurant and the huge Tokyo Pokemon Center!

A huge thank you to all of my subscribers and viewers for staying tuned to the channel so far, I love what we’ve created. If you’re new to the channel, this is a perfect opportunity to see what I’ve been up to and check out the adventures from my Japan year abroad.

What is Japan like? If you let yourself out of your comfort zone, its a never ending adventure. Living in Tokyo and studying in Japan was a dream! If you’re heading off on your own Tokyo year abroad or looking to study in Japan, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Its been such a pleasure to see your channel grown man. I love seeing the time you spend in editing and producing your videos you can totally see a difference and improvement. I can't wait to see more for you and going through all these videos was such a great way to do that!! <3

  2. I did my year abroad at TUFS as well the year before you went there! It's been awesome watching your content and being able to relive those moments. I really miss TUFS and Tokyo. Keep up the amazing videos!

  3. Just found out about your channel now that you're going back to the UK, I'm sad I couldn't follow you throughout your year in Japan, but my own year as an exchange student in Tokyo is starting in September, so my own adventure is starting, looking forward to all these new experiences! Good luck for the rest of your studies, I'll be checking out your other videos before landing (at Haneda ;))

  4. Hey, mate. I just came across your channel from the Facebook Creator Community group. Liking your content. I'm a Japan-based creator too. I just subbed! Gonna check out your other vids 🙂

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