Animated comparison of some of the most expensive food from each categories such as most expensive ice cream, most expensive pizza, most expensive drink, most expensive cake and many many more. Also featured is Buzzfeed Worth It series $$$ items from the cheapest $47 caviar taco to the most expensive $1000 ice cream, $2000 pizza, and $2500 caviar souffle. See how they compare against $25000 tacos and $106000 truffles, or even million dollars brandy!

Main Sources:
Buzzfeed – Worth It Series (S1,S1,S3 & UK)
Guinness World Record Database (Referred 2018 January)
Business Insider (Cost for dining in major cities)

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Sitting Bull – Jason Shaw (

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  1. Hi everyone, hope y'all like these recent price comparisons.

    For vehicles & food, there are currently no articles or lists on the whole web that classify them according to their most expensive category (eg most ex pizza, ice cream, caviar etc). Admittedly, research is really challenging and inflation makes it more complicated. While there are the same top 10 lists practically everywhere, they are not even arranged according to price. We'd hope that this format would make a unique comparison to give a sense of scale and 'wow' as opposed to bombardment of top 10s everywhere.

    Let us know of any feedback for these small/cheap to big/expensive somparisons and what comparisons would y'all like to see next?

  2. not as expensive as my home cooking! Who wants to come to my place and eat a great ham and cheese sandwich? But first I have to go to the store and get the ham and cheese first…

  3. who would want to eat a diamond cake, that would fuck up your teeth. and if swallowed: throat, stomach, digestive tract, anus etc

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