Meeru Island Resort Maldives – TOP TIPS for HONEYMOON or ADULT STAY

Villa position and island areas –

We stayed here in January 2018 in a Jacuzzi Beach Villa at the North West of the island. This part of the island is more adult based. We stayed in villa 656. We found this villa to be close enough to the restaurant and spa without encroaching on our stay. All of the entertainment takes place at the other restaurants which means you can relax in the evening without being bothered by loud music or people. However, if you want to participate it is only a short walk.

Walking around the island and we found that the East side had no sunshine after 3/4pm. The beach here is also very narrow and the water is quite deep and rough. The west side is nicer with the best views of the sunset. The North West of the island is the quietest and most relaxed with a wide, white sandy beach. The South East beach of the island was really narrow also and not as pretty.

Evening Entertainment –

The bar at the adult side of the island has chill out music playing and lounge areas with a waiter for drinks service. Theme nights and more involved entertainment takes place every night near reception. It is definitely louder with more children and families here. I recommend you contact Meeru prior to your stay depending on what kind of holiday you want.

Beach –

The beach is definitely quieter, wider and more picturesque in the north west of the island. Sun lounges are always around and there are plenty to choose from. The only downside of staying in the north of the island is there not being a swimming pool. However, this didn’t bother us as the sea is clean, warm and calm. This probably applies more if you have children and want to keep an eye on them if they want to go swimming.

Restaurants –

There are a few restaurants on the island including a Hot Rock and Asian Wok style establishment that you have to pay for. We visited the Asian Wok restaurant but were unimpressed. Our main restaurant, Maalaan, was in the North and had a variety of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wouldn’t bother with the paying restaurants as the chefs at the main restaurants are extremely talented and friendly.

Snorkling –

The waters surrounding the island are warm, clear and shallow. You can clearly see the deeper more rougher areas that are beyond the reef. The east of the island has fairly deep and rough waters that I wouldn’t swim in. This part of the island also has no sunshine after about 3/4pm.

Spa –

The spa facilities are stunning. They are expensive but worth the price. We treated ourselves to a couples massage with a champagne bubble bath. We did this around sunset and although it faces the east you still see the changing colours of the clouds and sky.

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