TAIWANESE BEEF NOODLE SOUPS with UNIQUE flavors! Massive sizes and massively good food in Taipei, Taiwan 🙂 Become a cutea:

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Taiwanese beef noodle soup is made of stewed or braised beef, beef broth, vegetables and noodles! Soup base of Taiwanese soup can include garlic cloves, ginger, scallions, tomato, five spice powder, sugar, chiles, rice wine, soy sauce, chicken stock, etc.

The magic is in the beef and the texture of the noodles!

You can find Taiwanese beef noodle soup or 牛肉麵 Niúròu miàn, everywhere in Taiwan. They cost anywhere from a bowl for NT70 to NT210 and can be from at street stalls, restaurants…or homecooked!

This noodle restaurant is located in Taipei, Taiwan at the address: Xi Shu Zhuan Beef Noodle Restaurant, No. 78號之2, Lane 120, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105. Monday – Saturday 10:30-8PM. They reopen February the 25th from holidays 🙂

The four types of Taiwanese beef noodle soups we tried are Braised Taiwanese Beef Noodle, Satay Beef Noodle, Curry Beef Noodle, and Tomato Beef Noodle. There is also clear soup which will be much lighter in color and taste for those who prefer their broth simple.

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Like this video? Please help give it a thumbs up, comment, and share with a friend! Your extra love helps keep this channel going. Thank you dearly.

Sometimes I make mistakes referring to foods. If so, kindly mention it. I’m not an expert but I do love sharing food with you!

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  2. Tried google map , open rice and other sites but can't find or no such location . Could it maybe bad address or name. Going there Taipei another month . Want to try all the bowl you tried.

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