It’s worth it to find a place with a kitchen when you’re traveling, especially when the markets have the kind of fresh produce and fish you find in Mexico City. Senior Food Editor Rick Martinez makes use of the rooftop grill at his Airbnb with prawn tacos and huitlacoche quesadillas.

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Making Market Quesadillas in Mexico City | City Guides: Mexico City | Bon Appetit

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  1. Maybe Mexican, because the ingredients, but absolutely NOT traditional Mexican food.
    It's to hipster

  2. bon appetit I have been having trouble over and over opening your videos. It doesnt load or start at all, this does not happen to any other channels. I just opened this video and another video in another tab, and your video is the only one that didn't load. This isn't the first time this has occurred with BA so I hope you guys can fix this.

  3. OhEmGee…this looks SO INCREDIBLE! I can't tell you just how much I want to eat all of this right now…

  4. el cuitlacoche queda mejor con epazote solo un poco para darle sabor! :v y salteado con un poco de ajo y cebolla aunque si queda bien con quesillo, no estas tan perdido

  5. Jesus christ, the pretentious bullshit just oozes out of this guy. He's trying way too hard to be a camera chef, but he fails to understand what actually makes a good tv chef is being yourself and displaying your unique personality along with what makes your food distinctive. This dude is doing neither.

  6. i miss tacos from when i was in tampico to see family with my then-boyfriend. mexico is in quite the state, i hope they will come together and work harder for their children and their country.

  7. Hearing someone from a popular food channel mention epazote, quelites, and huitlacoche is so awesome, I don't necessarily care that much for these ingredients but they're very rare and even Mexicans often don't know about them.

  8. The Amaranth/Lamb quarters are hard to find in stores in the states….because i think most people know it as a weed. it grows aaaaalll over my lawn in the summer here in western NY. Once I learned what it was, i just let them go and pick em to add to salads.

  9. Hmmm.. this gourmet Mexican meal is making me cook and feel hungry. Yummy! Thanks for the advice and info on all of the Mexican ingredients about their availability, flavor profiles and how size matters on different chiles and vegetables.

  10. You should do a primer why size matters on different flavor profiles like the jalapeno, tomatillo and many others that affect it, to make a great recipe. Thanks.

  11. Not real Mexican food …. NO SALSA ??? The cheese always goes on the tortilla first. It's called quesadilla for a reason everything else gets added on after the cheese is melted. I can make a better quesadilla with a salsa Verde, beans, and rice. Now that's Mexican food at it's best !!!!

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