I heard about Spiral Buffet 4 years ago, and since then I have been dying to go. Today, I FINALLY entered one of the most INCREDIBLE all you can eat food fantasies, and I am so happy to share this experience with you.

Spiral – $60

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  1. Hi Mikey! Did you try their all you can eat foie gras at Sofitel? They were the first to offer it but no one knew how to eat it except a few! Next time try the buffet at Shangrila in Cebu for the best lechon! Cheers!

  2. When you are thanking someone for taking the time from their busy schedule to spend some time with you, it is customary to look at them in the eye with all sincerity. Not the camera.

  3. You should try exploring every provinces here in Phils. Every place has their own banner dishes. 🙂

  4. I've been there and yes the price was kinda high especially for the locals but I'm telling you guys that everything was worth it!

  5. 1.5 million views, already? That buffet is about to become crowded with Mike Chen's viewers from around the world.

  6. i've been here before we had a documentation proj we basically got to see everything on spiral buffet and i must say its the no1 Buffet in manila, the ambience are already so nice same as the people and the food oh god better try it

  7. I've been to spiral buffet twice in my life out of the grace of generous relatives and I now regret not knowing that you can customize your own PIZZA and have the seafoods BAKED!!! 🙁 Great video though Mikey.

  8. For real decadence, try going to Spiral on Sunday mornings for their Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet. All the selection from the regular buffet plus free-flowing champagne.

  9. WOOOWWWW my oldest brother retired recently and married his long time girlfriend who is Filipino and built a house in the Philippines. He is one lucky man many times over…1st me for a sister, 2nd Florita for a wife, 3rd living life in the Philippines 4th THIS BUFFET, Damn!!!

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