In this video, we explore Kuala Lumpur’s Petaling street & Chinatown. We really enjoyed our time shopping, and most of all EATING! Incredible food in Chinatown. Keep in mind Petaling street EXPLODES with stalls and stands at night. Your shopping options literally double. We recommend it when visiting Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy this Malaysia travel vlog!


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  1. Awesome video, guys! That looks like an awesome street! Nothing better than streets filled with food!!

  2. Man, Jimmy I was across Chinatown in the morning at 9am at a local coffee shop called Lai Foong for their famous beef noodle. We could have an early breakfast with you.

  3. long ago the central market is a wet market…. the largest in KL up till circa 1980s but they renovated it in the late 80s or early 90s i couldn't remember when but i remembered going to the wet market in 82 so must be after that…. and i seldom go to the central market except parked at their parking lot to make my way to the flower wholesaler to buy flowers for my bridal gift arrangement….oh and search for some used books also some small crafts for wedding favors……

  4. Markets? Could be a niche. Reminds me of a woman who wrote a book on flea markets in France. Many market specialists/enthusiasts out there. Have to enjoy it though.

  5. I love the market place we learn what they sell and espically the food every cultural is diffetent in food I am with you Jimmy as far as the clothes you got too consider I have not seem too many over weight people there in all the country and the only country ya found clothes that fit ya got them made too fit ya love the pineapple shrit I am over weight and they say America's has the most overwieght people in the world we love that junk food and sweets love ya video

  6. Please don't stop with the market videos, still really enjoy them as you guys always seem to find something different at each one.

  7. Loved it when Jimmie started singing Aladdin lol. That was perfect. Love the videos. Market ones are great. It is neat to see how each one is a little different.

  8. I like seeing the market even though they are the same every country and towns is a little diffrent

  9. The best and funny thing is to watch girl in from of a mirror doing makeup and Jimmy, you must observed the facial expressions of Amanda when she was engrossed in her makeup and this is not our fault as you filmed it and she was filmed. At the one hand, she was frustrated for her clothing issue and that was obvious on her face and on the other hand, she was busy in her makeup that is always the best thing girls enjoy. One of another thing that girls enjoy the most is shopping. So today Jimmy recorded two things, Amanda's make up and shopping, and also food, so she enjoyed three things as compare to her clothing problem. Cheers.

  10. Where did you buy the pineapple shirt? In KL? We are flying to KL tomorrow and my husband really wants to buy one 😀

  11. Definitely keep up the market videos, I love being able to travel through your videos. Safe travels!!

  12. Are you guys going to the prime minister’s residence in putrajaya on 15 June for the Hari Raya Open House? Open to public, enjoy the atmosphere, hv some food and maybe get to meet our prime minister. Expect thousands of people there from 10am to 4pm. Check online to see how to get there. There will be a lot of free buses at various pickup points.

  13. Love the market vids!!! Also glad you know not to buy the knock off make up anymore…. some of the ingredients that have been found in those is disturbing!

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