Get ready for delicious food and things to do in Koh Chang (เกาะช้าง) island!
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Day 7 (Koh Chang เกาะช้าง): Eastern Thailand Food and Travel Tour. Watch all 8 videos here:

Koh Chang (เกาะช้าง) – Koh Chang is a beautiful jungle island in the Trat province of Thailand. It’s quite close to the mainland, and it’s a big enough island where you can take your car across the ferry to the island so that you can drive there. This was my first time to visit Koh Chang. I really wanted to explore the eastern side of the island, which is less visited and less developed to check out some food and fishing villages.

Kai Bae Beach – We started off at Kai Bae Beach.

Nong Anat Khao Gaeng (น้องอานัสข้าวแกงปักษ์ใต้) – This street food stall sells amazing southern Thai food curries, and this is where we first stopped for breakfast.
Beef dry curry (คั่วกลิ้งเนื้อ)
Beef soup (ซุปเนื้อ)
Dried fried fish (ปลาแดดเดียวทอด)
Total price – 190 THB ($$6.08)

The Coffee Home – Coffee wasn’t very good, but the scenery was great.
Americano – 60 THB ($1.92)

Coconut Organic Garden – This place is a must stop in Koh Chang. He’s such a friendly passionate man, who takes pride in his fruit, and he’ll serve you an amazing coconut shake.
Total price – 100 THB ($3.20)

Salak Khok (ชุมชนบ้านสลักคอก) – This is one of the few remaining traditional Koh Chang island fishing villages, and it’s a great place to see local life and take a walk.

Sakak Khok Seafood (สลักคอกซีฟู้ด) – One of the ways you can support the fishing community is by eating at the seafood restaurant. Even though it was quiet when we went there, the food was amazing, and it was so relaxing. Our bill was a bit expensive, but over half of it was because of the mantis shrimp.
Fried mantis shrimp (กั้งทอดกระเทียม)
Dried fried cuttlefish (ปลาหมึกแดดเดียว)
Shrimp salad (กุ้งพล่า)
Prik kleua (พริกเกลือ)
Total price – 1,760 THB ($56.29)

Long Beach (หาดทรายยาว) – This is a beach at the end of Koh Chang. Overall, I wasn’t that impressed.

Salak Phet (อ่าวสลักเพชร) – At the end the day we headed to Salak Phet, another village and bay. First we walked on the boardwalk over the mangroves – views were pretty fantastic, but it wasn’t in great shape. I still enjoyed it.

Krua Saeng Arun (ครัวแสงอรุณ) – Final end to the day we had another seafood restaurant, this time, it was alright, but not very good.
Crab cakes (หอยจ้อปู)
Mullet sour soup (ต้มส้มปลากระบอก)
Scallops (หอยเซลล์ผัดฉ่า)
Total price – 740 THB ($24.67)

Hope this Koh Chang (เกาะช้าง) food and travel guide will give you some ideas for your trip. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Amazing video as always! I've visited kho chang long time ago. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and the food looks very delicious 🙂

  2. I love watching your videos mark plus I think it's great that you have your wife and son with you too. Xx

  3. Hello Mark Wiens,
    I am your big fan . I want to met with you. I inviting in Bangladesh. Do you like to travel in Bangladesh? If you visit in Bangladesh you would be know about nice bangali food. I'll be very happy if you contact me . Thanks.

  4. i usually have nothing bad to say about mark, but he is a veryyyy funny eater lol like super akward and shakey..

  5. Hi Mark, I came to California when I was a young boy 49 years ago. I miss Thailand very much. Nothing like home. I enjoyed watching your shows. Your shows make me feel like I am closer to home. My wife and now live it Seattle, Washington.
    Like it here but not like home in Thailand. My wife and her family lives in Surat Thani. I was wondering if you had time to do a show in Surat Thani? Love to see what you see in Surat Thani. Love your shows, Suriya

  6. My favorite island ever! Lots of Swedes there! We go there every year/every other year. Cookies is our favourite hotel, don't care much for their new pink look though lol. ONe good thing about Koh Chang is that they have all the curries… all day long, it' so hard to find curry in Thailand! (Weirdly), so hungry for daeng daeng and panaeng and massaman now! Also that fishing-village is a classic 🙂

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