Teppanyaki preparation of Kobe Beef Tenderloin (Prime fillet, A5) the most expensive Steak of the whole Kobe cow. Tenderloin is more tender, more flavorful and less greasy than Kobe Sirloin or Ribeye Steak.

In this restaurant Kobe Tenderloin Fillet is about 45% more expensive than Kobe Sirloin Steak and 75% more expensive than Kobe Ribeye Steak (130 Yen / 92 Yen / 75 Yen / gram).

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  1. I think the Chef did a terrific rare on this vid. I've always wondered if the marbling is rendered enough for rare Kobe, but it looked perfect.

  2. just add the word premium, a stupid price and voila, you have a super exclusive food. don't forget to repeat this shit often enough so that people will believe it

  3. They poke and prod the meat far too much, let it cook and get a nice crust instead of constantly moving it, it's like they can't help themselves as it's right there in front of them

  4. Maybe the steak is good,but this is hardly the ambient i wanna sit in and enjoy my food.And the process of preparing it? Sheesh!

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