Chris Ford is the executive pastry chef at Beverly Wilshire in CA. One of his magnificent desserts include coral-looking chocolate that’s molded underwater. When he’s not changing the dessert menu, he’s catering desserts for Kim Kardashian’s press kit.

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  1. Cost alot for tiny thing. I mean, yes, it's good and unique but if you remove the tiny gold the price will lower.

  2. Its not water, chocolate siezes when it hits water, this is a solution that allows the chocolate to set right away. I think Ann Reardon or someone did a video on how to do this

  3. FUCK THE DAMN GOLD….. if that's all it takes to make it expensive then just give it to me without the gold I love chocolate not metal

  4. just saying food insider u dont need to have 2 seperate shots of swinging the hammer and actually breaking the thing ok u can just move the camera down

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