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I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I am showing you the area not just the Bars and clubs but everything that Pattaya has to offer you whether on Holiday or an Expat living here !


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  1. I cant wait to go to a another meet one day soon . The thai vloggers bring the tourist in droves to thailand after watchin these vlogs . When ya back home watchin them ya start to plan ya next trip . Thai government owes a lot to these vloggers brings in 10 of millions a year in tourism . Keep up great vlogs kev

  2. Good to see you back in the hideaway..bit of a freak show though lol..roll in high season get the troops back in

  3. Hi, Kev. Not too bad for an offseason Wednesday meet. There were more people there than I thought there might be. I expect that most were local either to Pattaya or somewhere close. But a good night anyway.


  4. Welcome Back Sir Kev- I heard a drink is waiting for you at the Windmill GoGo!!!!! Watch out for those noisy motorbikes

  5. Nice too see you back where you belong. I have not been to bkk/Pattaya in a yr now hope to see your weekly get together soon, thanks, stay well, vlogs appreciated.

  6. Hi! I have only recently discovered your videos so I am trying to catch up on some of them. The first one I saw you were actually in Koh Samui and you were hilarious. Do you have any advice on location? I've heard Jomtein beach is a nice area to live in. I'm just wondering where in general in Thailand I should look into living as a 25 year old female. Somewhere not over the top touristic that I'll be paying double the price for, and where there is also plenty going on. Thanks for any suggestions and great videos

  7. Welcome back kev will be popping in to see you there when I get back. Hey what's happened to Geoff Carter he was part of the pattaya vloggers

  8. Lol i met the Indian bloke in a bar on 13/2 and he said the same thing. " I'm from Thailand, not India! "

  9. Hey kev it was fun to come out and see you. Sorry I got there late haha. I had fun and it was good to meet you. Cheers.

    ZinsWorld – Food Travel and Music

  10. Hey Kev I’m gonna be in pattaya from the 10th sept to the 25th what night of the month is meet night
    Thanks Graham ps
    Still making great blogs

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