Presenting the video of a journey compilation from the capital city of Odisha i.e. Bhubneswar to the Steel city i.e. Bhilai on-board 18425 Puri Durg Intercity Express. The power which brought us from Talcher to Bhubneswar that morning came back in our return journey and hauled the train till Talcher. From Talcher, Raipur WDP-4D took the charge. Post departure from Dhenkanal I went to sleep and next day morning woke up a bit late post departure from Harishanker road. After that a continuous coverage was made till Bhilai power house with numerous station departures, train crossings, freight crossings etc. There is a small quiz question inserted in the video that which is the train led by twin VSKP ALCOs that we cross at Arand station. I hope you all will like the video.
Camera: Sony CX-240E.

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  1. Initially thought that train to be Ajmer Puri…by seeing the number of AC and general coaches concluded that it was 12808 Samata bound to VSKP !

  2. Nice Capture sir But Please Avoid Music sir U and Avinash Patil are best at Capturing Chattisgarh and Odisha Region Best part of railway videos we like track sounds speed and locations just a small suggestion sir Thank you

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