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Today’s vlog features the entire crew splitting up to do a variety of activities, from Josh and Kenzo trying to get scenic sunset drone videos, to the team trying to get power running at our villa, to Alexey and Mindy spending an awesome day at Ayana Resort in Jimbaran, which just so happens to have the most Instagrammable pool ever.

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– Parker
– Rush
– Ryker
– Kenzo
– Justis
– Mindy
– Alissa
– Dan
– Josh
– Justin

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  1. Just posted a new youtube video from my resent trip to hawaii! please check it out and tell me what you think!

  2. Love this of my favorites so far from Bali. It shows the group dynamic but also u guys pairing off and showcasing those team ups nicely. Its been a fun progession since u guys started #balilife. Plus when Kenzo and josh went to get the sunset shot i love how the moonrise is in the other shots! Looks like a great time. Keep up the great work. Love it all

  3. Interesting how you have to buy power separate from rental fees for housing in Bali. During my stay in DR (Dominican Republic) power was included in our rent, buuuttt we did have random power outages from time to time. Anywho, enjoyed the chill vibes and of course the cool jumps

  4. Always nice to tune in High On Life squad 🙂 it nice to see that you enjoy nice non-organized times too there with Josh & Kenzo, travel is about that too, going into the unknown, with what your guts is telling you and not into some plans all the time, i wish we get more of that spirit as well as the incredible places 🙂
    Cheers boys <3

  5. Hey Alexey and Mindy! The villa is $1300 per night. They offered it to us as well, with a huge discount but not for free.

  6. That's how we purchase power in Kenya. How do you guys buy it? The resort I have heard of and it looks simply amazing. Am sure Alexey and Mindy had a blast. The sunset / full moon drone view was epic too. Good to the raw footage while trying to get the drone footage. I had comments for almost every minute but I think I'll stop here now haha.

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