Hunza bread is a no hunger bread for almost 8 hours food. It is a must item for the breakfast made with wheat flour and is baked at night and served in the morning with salty tea. This bread can be made adding sugar aswell but Hunza people do not have sweet tooth and they like more savoury food. It is traditionally baked in a earthenware pan which is buried in hot ashes.It is nowadays baked in heavy base pan on stove top.The crispy crust is so great and we usually apply butter on it and eat with tea. no sugar tea 🙂 the crust is pronounced as “what” and the inner soft part is pronounced as “s” in local Hunza language.The original Hunza bread recipe has no sugar in it and is baked without oven.

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  1. The ingredients are stone-ground whole wheat flour, pure liquid honey, non-fat dry milk, dry butter, apricot oil, oatmeal, fennel, alfalfa, almond meal and yeast.

  2. are you from hunza ?
    it is true that the average life span of hunza people is 120 years?
    and you people look very young than your actual age

  3. Is it possible to bake this in the oven instead? That would be a lot easier for me to do with the way my kitchen is set up. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

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