It’s time for another Martina’s Midnight Munchies, but today’s is a little different, because we’re working on something A LOT FANCIER than what we’re used to. Today, we’re actually working with some high end wagyu. It’s the first time we cooked with something this expensive. And we’re making Wagyu Beef Skewers all fancy!

This video also has been sponsored by the JNTO. If you’re in the US, head over to their website and vote on what recipe you like the most, and they’ll pick one lucky person and give them a trip to Japan. Sounds pretty sweet to me! Click here:

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  1. Please note: we forgot to mention in the intro that the contest is for the US only.  I'm sorry!  We were on a roll and just forgot to mention it.  Sorry to non-US people.  Ah!

  2. Hand on heart, I think Martina is the funniest person on YouTube! And then I fell out of my chair when I saw the $78 beef… For $78 shouldn't that come with a chef to cook it for you?

  3. Greetings from Monterey, CA!! I couldn't splurge on the wagyu, but it is a great recipe using regular ribeye steak! Love you guys & hope your recipe wins!!

  4. You should've matched with onion instead of sweet potato,or you just want to balance the saltiness of the glaze with the sweet potato but if it's so wouldn't the potato got the saltiness from the glaze and there,u just created a new layer of saltiness with a different texture and with a little slight of sweetness

  5. You should get one of those gas canister camp grills. Just set it up next to a small (open) window with a small fan between the window and the grill to extract the smoke (or set it up above your gas burner area with extractor fan) I can grill 2 burgers at a time on mine. I find these electric hinged grills steam rather than grill.

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