In this video Chef Tong of HKK shows us how to make his Quail Egg and Beef Tongue dish from their summer menu, taking inspiration from Chinese tradition.



Main ingredients
200g beef Tongue (central part of beef tongue for eating)
6 quail Egg
2 pics (L 11cm) cinnamon stick
1g baby coriander
1g apple blossom cress
2g toasted white sesame seed
10g white sugar

Mayonnaise Cinnamon sauce
100g mayonnaise
4g mustard
15g mirin
6g fresh lemon juice
1g cinnamon powder

Beef tongue sauce
200g Ebara Yakiniku
20g diced spring onion
10g diced coriander
10g diced fresh garlic

Quail Egg master stock
1 cardamon
4g star anise
4g cinnamon stick
2 bay leaf
1g dry orange skin
8g sichuan pepper
2g white pepper corn
1 lemongrass
25g fresh ginger
2g clove
30 salt
40g sugar
300g water
Prepare Quail Egg master stock:
boiled all ingredient for 30mins and cooling down then ready to use
1 Torch

To prepare the quail egg master stock, boil all the stock ingredients for 30 mins, then leave to cool.

Boil the quail eggs for 2.5 mins, then place them in ice water until cool enough to peal off the shells.

Marinade the eggs in the stock for 2 hours

Sous vide the beef tongue at 70oC for 4 hours. Cut the tongue into small strips.

Marinate the beef tongue in the tongue sauce for 30 mins.

Pan-fry the beef tongue in oil. Drain, and then stir-fry the tongue in the sauce.

Cut the quail eggs in half and sprinkle with sugar.

Caramelise the sugar with a blowtorch.

Plate the dish up with a decorative cinnamon stick.

Garnish the dish with mayonnaise, cinnamon sauce, baby coriander & apple blossom.

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