In this video Chef Tong of HKK shows us how to make his Michelin Star Chinese Taro black bean native lobster.


Native lobster 750g
Potato starch 10g
Vegetable oil 500g
Tahoon cress 1g

Sub-ingredients A
Spring onion (white part) 16g
Chopped garlic 16g
Diced shallots 10g
Diced long red chillies 6g
Black bean sauce 25g

Sub-ingredients B
White asparagus 80g
Taro 50g
Rice cake 20g

Mixed special sauce (Mix well together)
Potato starch 5g
Shaoxing rice wine 20g
Sesame oil 5g
Oyster sauce 22g
Sugar 2g
Salt 2g
Chicken stock 180g
Dark soy sauce 6g

Garnish – Kumquat foam
Kumquat 130gm (steam for 10 minutes to remove skin, put 60gm fruit aside)
Fresh lemon juice 20gm
Lemon grass 2gm
Water 300gm

1. Mix the ingredients well together
2. Take juice out 230gm, add 20 gm of mirin and 2.5gm of lecithin powder
3. Use hand blender for 1 minute

1) Clean the lobster and cut to desired portion size

2) Pour the potato starch over the lobster and set aside

3) Pre-heat vegetable oil in a wok to 180 degrees, then deep-fry the lobster. After 10 seconds, remove the lobster and set aside

4) Pre-heat the wok with a small amount of vegetable oil. Stir-fry sub-ingredients A until gold in colour. Add all ingredients from sub-ingredients B list and bring to the boil

5) Add the lobster back into the pan and cook for 2 minutes. Add the mixed special sauce. Cook on a high heat until the sauce has almost reduced completely

6) Plate the dish and garnish with kumquat foam and Tahoon cress

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