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How To Make Grandma’s Million Dollar Fudge – BEST Easy Fudge Recipe!

In today’s show, we’ll making an amazing old fashioned million dollar fudge! This is my grandma’s recipe that has been made for over 50 years! This is one of the BEST fudge recipes you will ever make!

HERE’S THE RECIPE: Grandma’s Million Dollar Fudge Recipe

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Crossfitter, Blogger, World's Pickiest Vegetarian, Ninja in Training, Vampire Slayer. Blue is my favourite color. It's also the only color.


  1. I have been trying your link to buy your book once I am on your website I try to clink to get book and it kicks me off or it just won’t add to cart. Sorry but I tried to buy your book.

  2. If you can gargle almost lukewarm salt water by holding one side of your nose and snorting it up each nostril. It's weird but helps you feel better.

  3. Totally enjoy your videos. I've been watching you Guys off and on for a bit but binge watching today as I list on eBay. I just ordered the cook book. Can't want.

  4. Try putting baby powder around your windows or where the beetles are getting in. make sure not to get the baby powder with talc in it just cornstarch,

  5. Did you know – old remedy – that rubbing Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet at bedtime helps with cough and cold?? It does!! Be sure to put socks on to keep it off your sheets. And yes, gargling warm salt water. Hope all of you are on the mend. Take care.

  6. You may of gotten your answer about what beetles we get here in WI. But the worst are the Asian lady beetles, they look like ladybugs but do not have a bright red color and even spots. Some don"t even have spots. We also got the elder bugs too, this year. They come for about 1 to 2 weeks. We had the exterior of the house sprayed by a professional a few years in a row, they came in early fall, that is when they drop from the trees and gather on the sunny side of the house. They will sneak in through the door when you open it, or through any holes or cracks. We had all our windows replaced, the house insulated and vinyl sided so that in combination with the spaying really made a difference. The Asian lady beetles also stink and stain things if you squish the, so I always used a napkin or small piece of paper towel. They also bite, at least they bite me, like all other kinds of bugs (LOL). If any get in the house now they wait until it is dark and then dive bomb you if you sit near a light!
    We have been slowly decluttering here in south east WI. Hope to put the house up for sale in maybe spring.
    Mike I pray you are feeling better by now (healing hugs!).
    Faythe (aka – GrammyMouseTails)

  7. They are Japanese beetles. They hibernate in the cracks of your siding. You have to spray the outside of your house in the spring and fall.

  8. Greetings 🙂 Just wanted to say thanks for all your videos and my family and I love you guys! Great down to earth people who are fun to watch and make some delicious food too . Have a safe and Happy Holiday season

  9. listerine..reg. formlar…gargle…kills all the germs…the beetles…if they are japanese and look like lady bugs…we have bug bombed…often…house on river bluff…they are therew for 15 years plus…hide behind panelling…..hubby have chicken soup…tylonel…get well…thanks

  10. I live in an urban area also.  I have free range chickens in my backyard as my integrated pest management system.  No spray, those chickens will follow anyone in the yard hoping you will turn over a rock, move a plant so they can get at more beetles.

  11. Jill, I just made this fudge today (Sunday, 10 Dec). Heated it to 234 degrees with the candy thermometer (right below soft ball stage), took it off the heat and added the vanilla and butter. I let it cool to 110 degrees, but when I went to stir it it was hard. We had to heat it up again just to get it out of the pan. We can’t use it.

    What a I missing? I’m wondering if the cocoa should not be packed, as it seemed like an awful lot of cocoa that way. It was grainy. Ugh!

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