Our Recipe for Fish Tacos. Fish Taco Recipe cooked outdoors on Cast Iron. This is A Great Recipe for the Fish you Catch, Clean and Cook. Check out the First Comments to find Our Amazon Store Link

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  1. My favorite is shark marinated in oil, taco seasoning, and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Marinate for a day then skewer and grill. My friends thought it was chicken or pork they were eating.

  2. @ Backwoods Gourmet Man these look awesome! These tacos with a few ice cold Natural Lights would go great! Im trying this recipe soon!

  3. Watching you grade lime into the Cole slaw gave me an idea…graded some into my frosted mug of natural light then squeezed the remaining lime and toss it into the beer. Try it, you'll like it. Keep up the tasty good work.

  4. Making these this week! I love the idea of some lime on the tortillas to freshen and I want to try the Boars Head. I'm assuming it's mustard based on color. Never had mustard on fish tacos which are at least a once a month fair here.

  5. Food that a guy has caught/gathered/raised, cleaned and cooked him or her self always taste best……….even if sometimes it don't, doesn't matter 🙂

  6. Great menu, keep em coming love this channel! Trying to help as much as I can and just ordered more stuff from Amazon thru your channel.

  7. I always look forward to your videos. Thanks for posting. You seemed a little distracted in this one but the food looked fantastic.

  8. I bout the corn meal u use its great!!!! It also makes scrumptious molasses and peanut butter cookies !!!sweet and savory !!!

  9. I am from Santa Cruz California (where I returned after my time in Florida) and those are some legit fish tacos. Out here we make them with our fantastic local halibut and cod and, during season for super decadence, wild salmon just a mile or two offshore. However, for really authentic flavor, you gotta use corn tortillas! In Mexican villages they don't know from wheat flour tortillas because they all grow corn (maize – "my-EEZ") and make these pale blue hand-formed "lashkalis" (the local Nauat indigenous people's word for tortilla which is proper spanish – "lash-KOL-eez"). I frequently go surfing pretty much annually down in Colima, Michoacan, and Oaxaca ("wa-HA-ca") and stay with families I have gotten to know there and it's only corn lashkalis, no wheat flour. I think the wheat takes too much water and time, two resources the people don't really have much of. You can occasionally find wheat tortillas in a few tiendas in mid to large towns but they are specialty items for the locals.

    The wheat is definitely a softer bite and we have loads of it. But you really have to try this with the corn for a heartier bite and flavor. You won't regret it.

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