This video will show you how to harvest, clean, cook and eat the snails in your own garden.

NB: It’s not totally clear from the video, but you need to tightly seal the container where you keep the snails or they will be able to escape.

NB: The video shows just a few snails for a demo. Harvest a big batch and enjoy!

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  1. I ate snails sometimes, they are a common dish in Lombardy (Italy), there are a lot of recipes about them, it is very important the way they are cooked otherwise they may taste no flavour.

  2. So little snails …. you need hundreds of them to get sated….
    I wouldn’t eat them, because that is the food for blackbirds and hedgehogs.

  3. This is a great tutorial. The only thing I'm curious about is the vinegar step. I see that you want to make sure they're clean, but what can the vinegar do that the boiling water can't? My concern is that the vinegar is probably very painful on their sensitive flesh.

  4. Not a vegan or vegetarian but after spending a whole week with tho shits and feeding and taking care of them i couldn’t eat them

  5. Out of all the snails in the world. these have to be some of themost unluckiest ever. In my garden I wouldn't have Even touched them.

  6. Perfect protein source for after workout and very very delicious if you leave the soft part on. The taste is in the soft white part but you have to pull out the bowels because this way you ate a lot of snail poop.

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