Earlier this week I made a video about the history of the pressed penny. Towards the end of that video I mention that there are currently over 750 pressed coins in Walt Disney World today. There are 770 to be exact, spread across 204 machines on property. Thinking about that number, I started to wonder how much it would cost to get all of them

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I try not to bury the lead too much, so I’ll get right to the point: it isn’t cheap. Collecting every pressed coin on Walt Disney World property is going to cost you $462.14

Before I dig into that figure, I want to thank for the data. They are a fantastic resource when it comes to Disney World pressed pennies, and if you ever find yourself wanting to hunt some down, this is the website to do it. I also want to thank my pal Disney Dan for help with researching this!

So how does it break down? Well the complete collection would include 69 pressed quarters, 4 pressed dimes, and 697 pressed pennies. Now of that $462 you’d be spending on pressed coins, only $24.62 of that would actually be the coins getting pressed. You’d be flattening $17.25 worth of quarters, 40 cents worth of dimes, and $6.97 worth of pennies. The rest goes to the machines.

In terms of location, it’s pretty well distributed. The Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios tie at 135 coins per park. Epcot follows behind at 124 coins, and the Animal Kingdom comes in behind that at 77 coins. So where are the rest? Well Disney Springs offers 101 coins, and the two Disney water parks have 18. The final 180 coins can be found across all of the resorts at Disney World.

Now for my favorite part: Most of these machines obviously require coins. Not just to smush, but also to operate. There are a few newer machines that accept credit cards, mostly in Hollywood Studios, but for the most part you’re going to need coins, lots and lots of coins.

If you wanted to bring all the coins you’d need with you, you’d need to bring 2008 coins. That’s 549 pennies and 1455 quarters. Oh yeah, and 4 dimes. That’s going to mean some heavy pockets.

I took a look at the average weight of a quarter, dime, and penny, since I was that bored, and it turns out carrying all of those coins with you will mean carrying around 21.1 pounds, or 9.6 kilograms of extra weight.

So I guess it goes without saying, but if you find yourself on the hunt for every pressed coin in Walt Disney World, you might want to make ample use of change machines around property and take the journey slow. Especially if you want to spread out that $462 price tag.

Now the next question is if Disney will accept the $462 worth of pressed coins as payment for a 5 day park hopper.

Probably not.

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  1. Great video!!! We now bring rolls of quarters with us and clean the pennies we use for the machines. The hand crank ones are my fave because you actually have to work for it. My 2 year old son called the machines “monies” when we there this past December.

  2. Funny that you mentioned how much all of that would weigh. As many pins as I or other guests carry, it does make you question why we do it. A full day at the park, carrying all that extra weight, and for what? Oh well, everyone has some sort of hobby that others might find silly.

  3. This video is a such a great example of why I love your videos, Rob. Always well researched, well produced, and well executed. Keep it up!

  4. Hi Rob. Kevin here. Good video. Didn't know if you got my message about the application on the 2032 World's Fair being held at your place. Well, good news! It was approved. We should probably meet because the board is already on me to lock a theme down. This is the first World's Fair in the US since like the eighties, so they really want to make it a good one. Anyways, how's the Mrs? Get back to me when you get a chance.

  5. I would love collect all of them. Maybe put that one on the bucket list! I’d designate one trip a month to a park or resort. Of course, I don’t exactly think I’d ever fulfill this. It’s weird how many hidden things like penny pressing machines are at the parks, though! That’s what I love about Disney, there’s so much hidden and overlooked stuff.

  6. That's funny. I actually figured this out as well earlier last year after a trip to WDW. Going in March and me and my son are going to get as many as we can!

  7. nice rob. This is assuming that every machine has a unique imprint design. And looking at that appears to be the case! wow, i would have thought there would be a lot of duplication.

  8. Hey Rob big fan of your show! <3 
    If you get a chance, how about an episode on the artist murals around Walt Disney World? 
    Who painted the Spaceship Earth mural? or How about the old Figment mural or the Maelstrom murals? Who was the Mosaic Artist that did the entrance of The Land?  
    What other Mary Blair murals are there aside from the contemporary resort? Sorry for all the questions but there’s not much about this online, perhaps it can make a good episode? haha 
    Thanks for your time and have a magical day! 
    <3 DjWoozles

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