In this video I explore Helsinki, the capital of Finland and show how much things cost.
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How Expensive is Traveling in FINLAND? Exploring Helsinki

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  1. The reason why there wasn't many people in the cold pool: It was too warm spring day so you might just as well go into the warm pool. It has to be -20 Celsius so that people enjoy the cold pool. Otherwise it's just boring… XD
    Also, you can get cheap food if you don't go to fancy restaurants (I mean, they are literally the fanciest restaurants, because they are in the capital city of Finland). Maybe we should make a guide for every country, for different experiences and budgets. That way it wouldn't require that you know someone from the country who knows all the prices and culture habits and so on.

  2. Hi!
    I live in finland but not in a Helsinki.
    you have to go outside of helsinki explore the contry maybe there is more interesting stuff! like our nature, animals, lapland, sauna, food culture,education, many others thinks!

  3. It frustrates me when I see videos from Helsinki city center and tourists looking at the expensive prices! I can say Finland is not that expensive.. You just need to know places where to go!
    Altought what a nice video! 🙂
    Next time I can give you some advice 🙂

  4. It is really nice to see videos from foreingners about Finland and especially Helsinki. I'm living in capital area and there is also way more cheaper places also in Helsinki if you travel little bit away from city centre 🙂 I hope you had nice trip in Helsinki, Finland!

  5. Eating outside is usually very expensive in Finland, especially in Helsinki and those fancy restaurants you visited.

  6. Went to most expensive part of Helsinki… and to one of the most expensive grills in the TOURIST AREA to say that its one of the cheapest. (I get that its your first time in finland but still there are much cheaper places literally 500m away.) and the beer… basic beer is from 4 to 7€ and premium beer and imports go up to 12€ or something (but yes is very expensive that I will not deny)

  7. A quick city tour in Helsinki really gets on your wallet, but its not that bad when you travel into any smaller town and avoid buying too much from the main streets like you should always do while travelling. Barcelona for example is a great one for this, 1 liter beer on the mainstreet restaurants was 13 euros, but you can walk into a bar next block and pay only 1-2 euros for the same.

  8. He found all the most expensive places in the center of Helsinki. He found the burger for 16,90 euros at a michelin star restaurant. At a Burger King around the corner you get two whopper meals for 10€. The weak dollar also makes everything expensive for Americans. A beer will cost 8 € in the center of the city, but if you take the tram to Vallila or Kallio they sell you a pint for 3,5€, and at Musta Härkä in Vallila the pint costs only1 € at happy hour from 9-11.

  9. @13:15 "Finland is not cheap"
    Correction: Helsinki is not cheap, you need to travel further inland.
    I'd also recommend rentals as opposed to hostels, provided you're willing to commit to something, Finland can be an amazing place to live. For example, optical internet (300Mbps or 35MB/s) can be as little as €60 per month.

  10. looks like Canada….no-one around :
    ….hey gabe;…….[uhh]………………….did you get 'any'?……the finns are even better women than swedes……

  11. Helsinki is literally Helsinki in Finnish. Helsingin is just how it's spelled in genetive. Helsingin = Helsinki's.

  12. You could have had reasonable priced meals at Unicafes which few of them are located right at the center. They are catering mainly for university students as you would guess by the name and for them the prices are ridiculously cheap by any standards, full set of meals starting around 2.5 euros. Can't remember from top of my head how much the regular price is but should still be good value for the money.

  13. Kallio is the part of town where you find cheap beer, food, prostitutes, drugs and live music! Lepakkomies is the bar where you see the local bands.

  14. all those restaurants were the most expensive ones in the entire city. You can get quality food for half that price from restaurant chains like, Classic Pizza, Chicos or santa fe.

  15. Yes, Helsinki is very pricy especially in the center where tourists visit. Come to the countryside and I'll grill you a salmon straight from a river with baby potatoes right from the backyard. Just bring your own beer.

  16. The dollar is very weak compared to the euro nowadays. Therefore Europe is quite expensive for Americans today. Using airbnb and finding the right places to eat makes it cheaper.

  17. For food, go to Lidl, dont use restaurants. For sleep over, go to someones home. That K shop is the most expencive in here! The seawater is safer than it looks. If you want to live cheap, make friends in Finland and they tell you where is the cheapest places!

  18. Living in Helsinki, its not that expensive if you know where to go.. Like 1 mile outside of central all prices are like half from that, what was in video.. Ofc if want to go to 4-5 stars restaurants, it will cost more 😀 Like that König was 4 stars in 2017, but seriously, you will get same or even better food from small restaurants outside from central.. And there is Kämp near of König, there small coffee cost 10e and its like served in golden cup.. Sandwich 15-20e.. Hotel room to night 400e, small one… Penthouse – 20,000e per night.

  19. Restaurant Sea Horse (the last one you visited) is nice classic place, it has huge food portions (when compared to Helsinki standard). It actually happens to be about the only restaurant where you need to leave your coat and pay for it. (It's because they want to be old school and have the man in the front as they did 80yrs ago). Only other places for mandatory coat-charge are the late-night discos. Also due to the fact that tipping is not mandatory in Finland, these prices are not even as expensive as in NYC.

  20. The straight translation of Helsingin Tuomiokirkko is Helsinki Judgementchurch XD I´m not sure why but all big Finnish cathedrals are called in Finnish "Judgement church".

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