In this video I explore Prague in the Czech Republic (Czechia) and show how much things cost.
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Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel”, “Following My Thumb” and several other books available on and elsewhere.

Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

How Expensive is PRAGUE in the Czech Republic? & City Tour

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  1. Pilsner Urquel is actually the very first beer in the world. It comes from the town of Pilzen which is where the name comes from (and the word Pils which describes a type of beer).

  2. All of those "cannabis" products don't actually contain marijuana, i think it's all hemp-based. I lived in Prague and all that stuff is just a trap to get tourists to buy that stuff.

  3. This city looks very scenic and beautiful – combined with reasonably priced food and accommodation. This place looks like a must visit in Europe.

  4. What is happening with Utube Gabriel? I know u r in Finland. Very strange algorithm with Utube. I must assume Utube has not accepted new vid from you everyone. When I check under my subscription. You don’t come up and others such as Foreigner in Philippines which I have not watched regularly for some time. I hear that Utube is changed length of time rather that hits.

  5. Hey Gabe, really enjoyed this one. Your private room seemed a bit dreary and small for US $40, so I guess everywhere around the world prices have gone up a bit. That hostel was HUGE. Noise would be a factor with that many people, how did you feel about safety there? It seemed everywhere you went there was un-artful graffiti – kinda sad. Liked your pick of music.

  6. Love It Thanks Gabriel Wonderful Content Happy And Safe Travels To You Sir I Will Continue To Watch 🙂 Much Appreicated

  7. It has such a laid back atmosphere and beautiful buildings! Glad to follow along with you 🙂 Great video Gabe

  8. Hey Gabe,
    What have some of your favorite beaches and mountains in the whole World been?

    Can you name some that would be better for outdoors activities/gorgeous nature and others than have lots to do/entertainment/nightlife?

  9. It is really beautiful there. You mentioned a tip with your meal. I thought there was no tipping in Europe?

  10. The weed is not legal, they don't sell actual weed there, the products you saw in the window are all CBD based which is the legal component of weed almost everywhere in the world. You can even buy this products and get them on a plain back to america. The whole shop + that alcohol weed thing are legal even in america.

  11. Kind of shocked how expensive some of these Eastern European countries have become. Feels like it's 4-5 times as much as 15 years ago when I was last there.

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