I am back in New York City — a place I’ve visited upwards of 10 times in my life. I love this city more than you can possibly imagine, but it’s just SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

The prices here in New York City are honestly ridiculous. It’s stupid. It’s a buzz kill. No other city in the world can compare except for maybe Oslo, Zurich and London.

What do you think? Does New York City also break your budget?

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  1. You should really try KERALA good food amazing views and nice people it is bit more expensive than other parts of india though

  2. In Indonesia, you can get nasi rendang (most delicious food in the world (according to cnn travel)) with only IDR 18.000,- or about $1.30 , you can get grabcar (like uber) IDR 20.000,- or $1.40 (distance about 7 km) , I can't believe new york is just an Expensive city, but comparing with Tokyo, which one is more expensive?

  3. Cool video! But as a New Yorker this isn’t portrayed too realistically …. yes metro is $2.75, but that’s why residents usually get a weekly unlimited for $31 or a monthly unlimited for $116.50. People rarely take uber in the city because it’s way more expensive and it’s a lot slower than public transportation (crazy I know but true in New York because there are too many cars). You can easily find good food for $6-$12, $30 lunch you’re kinda living lavish lol. Alcohol is usually $10 or more regularly priced, but everyone usually goes during happy hour where drinks & sometimes appetizers too are half priced … but no hate thanks for visiting NYC!

  4. Well your living in new York like a tourist a local well never do short uber rides we walk new yorkers are built for this city and that's how we survive so long you are living like a tourist my guy

  5. You're right but also you're wrong. First, no one's gonna move to NYC for the same reason they move to South-East Asia. Second, there are much better ways to save money than what you show in the video. Thinking locals don't spend money in downtown Manhattan, they just go there to work, they buy everything in their cheaper suburb stores. They get a pass for the train or get around with a bike etc. They cut costs in half

  6. I'm a travel vlogger myself. I live in San Francisco bay areaAnd last year I spent the summer in New York. Also last summer I thought New York was cheap compared to San Francisco. This year I've been to about 15 countries(Including England and Israel) and San Francisco by far is the most expensive place I've been too. Lunch in San Francisco airport cost me $27. Lunch in London airport only cost me $9.

  7. Drew binsky new york isnt that expensive as amsterdam in leonardo hotel i gave 380 euros for just one night amsterdam is exp3nsive than new york

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