Chef Heston Blumenthal is on a mission to cook the perfect Fish and Chips. Watch this clip to find out how to fillet a fish, and how to prepare the most fantastic beer batter. Great recipe idea using unusual cooking equipment from BBC cooking show ‘In Search of Perfection’. Watch more high quality videos on the BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:

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  1. He totally sucks as a chef, can't bloody cook the fish correctly as the crust is so damn thick, are you eating fish or fired batter, lol

  2. "Want to open the beer last minute to keep as much gas as possible"

    proceeds to aggressively dump the beer out as fast as possible and remove all gas

  3. It may or may not taste slightly better than other fish and chips recipes, but the amount of time and buying of kitchen appliances is just ridiculous. I too think the batter ended up being way thicker than it should. Fish should be light and fluffy, not a cake of oil.

  4. "Can l order a serve now, l will have my Vodka on the side thanks" Just boarded my Plane in Australia , "will they be done when l arrive in the UK?"

  5. Heston is a great teacher. I’m a good cook but there are always things to look. Just look in Modernist Cuisine! So, stop complaining and learn new techniques

  6. Yes it takes forever, and not everyone has a nitrogen canister to hand, but you don't have to follow it to the letter. Choose elements that you prefer depending on the time you have. For instance, on a weeknight, I would just add beer to the batter, and par-boil the chips before frying. Would make more effort on a nicer occasion. It's just nice to know the theory and why things work. My only stipulation is that I probably wouldn't spend £50 on a turbot for fish and chips!

  7. Marco ended up with a better batter (this looks too brown and overcooked) with less faffing around and 1/4 of the time.


  8. Carbonated fish? No thanks. The problem with his method (molecular cooking) is that it makes use of unhealthy and sometimes even not regulated little tricks that are either clearly not good for health or that they have a huge potential to be harmful ( such as liquid nitrogen). For me, being unsafe, it makes it less tasty.

  9. I have watched a ton of Heston’s videos and I can’t help but get the feeling he’s overrated. Sure he used science and it probably tastes good but I feel that people get caught up in the gimmick of the scientific methods he uses rather than classic and skillful cooking. Just my opinion and I’m no high class chef but I just get that feeling.

  10. His recipes are not doable, they require the sacrificing of sometimes relatively expensive equipment for very specific use, and I question the need

  11. I love Heston because he is utterly uncompromising (and clearly BONKERS), the beer is a very traditional ingredient in batter but a whole turbot = £45:00 as of December 2017.   You get two fillets.   And anyone who doesn't mention vinegar when it comes to chips just can't be trusted…

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