Healthy Recipe After Boxing Workout
Sweet Soy Split Chicken Breast Salad

This video details how to make a Healthy Recipe For After A Boxing Workout Split Chicken Breast Salad and a Sweet Soy Warm Salad Dressing
This healthy recipe for boxers is quick and simple and great for boxer chefs on the go in training or just working out it is so delicious but wont have your fighter putting on new pounds with just a few quick ingredients from the fridge any boxer chef can have The Best Healthy Split Chicken Breast salad of your life alongside my Sweet Soy Salad Dressing so delicious you might lick your fingers off so if you’re ready to find out what to do with those Leftover Chicken Breast and that old head of lettuce in the refrigerator just stay tuned and you’ll receive the Best Healthy Recipe After Boxing Workout Sweet Soy Split Chicken Breast Salad Recipe of your life

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Ingredients used Are
Split Chicken Breast
Head Of Lettuce
Soy Sauce
Strawberry water
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Italian Seasoning
Light Salt
Cumin powder

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